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Far West Native Americans

No description

on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of Far West Native Americans

Far West Native Americans
Where they lived
The people from the far west lived in different geographic regions. Pit houses that were dug in the ground were homes for some Native Americans, they dug these houses with pointed sticks. Others lived in cone shaped houses that were covered with white bark.
Their weather
Winters may be cold in the grass lands and forests of the North. Southern parts could be desert like. In California with warm summers and mild winters there was an abundance of food.
In the Far West, people ate small game and berries. They fished for salmon, clams, and other shell fish. They gathered acorns, pine nuts, brass seeds, and fruits. In the fall, they made an acorn soup, by dropping hot stones into a woven basket filled with water.
They didn't spent a lot of time tanning skins for clothes. They didn't make fabric, because they wanted very little clothes. In the winter, they wore buckskin aprons, and fur wrapped, draped around there shoulders.
The tribes hunted deer, bighorn sheep, elk, and rabbits. Along the pacific coast they hunted fish and sea mammals by boat.
Women collected roots, wild seeds, nuts, acorns, and berries. They learned to grow crops, suited to the climate where they lived.
Men hunted for game, and fished. Wild game was plenty full and region like.
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