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Animal Cell Analogy and Cross Country

I compared an animal cell to the sport of cross country

Katelyn Huizenga

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Animal Cell Analogy and Cross Country

Animal Cell Analogy to
Cross Country
By Katie Huizenga

A cell nucleus is like the brain
of the cell.
In cross country it is like...
To make the cell funtion you need
the nuclues (the brain). To run
you need your legs to do the job
and funtion (the "brain" of running).
Cell Membrane
The cell membrane encloses the cytoplasm and organelles. It covers the cell.
The cell membrane is kinda like...
The Uniform

A cell membrane covers the cell, and your uniform
covers your body.
hloroplast takes energy from the sun to make
sugar (it captures energy).
Chlorplast is kinda like...
So, chloroplast captures energy. To
run you got to have energy, so you
breathe, capturing energy like chloroplast.
The mitochondrion uses oxygen to process food
in order to give the cell energy.
Its kinda like...
The Audience
The audience processes how you are doing and cheers you on, making you (mentaly) have more energy.

Rhibosomes process protien
in the cell.
It's kinda like...
Your Mouth
Before your cross country meet you need to eat. To do this you use your mouth. Your mouth processes
food and protien, just like rhibosomes.
Your Breathing
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