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Frog Haiku

No description

Kenneth Jugan

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Frog Haiku

Haiku Frog Kenneth Jugan Frog Haiku I bounce like a spring
I'm as green as a tree's leaf
I like to eat flys Simile This haiku uses simile as a figuritive language
Example: "I bounce like a spring" I'm death on a stick
shot from a amazon's bow
Don't try to eat me Metaphor In this haiku I used a metaphor for figurative language
Example: "I'm death on a stick" People play leap frog
I do it for a living
Flies taste pretty good Allusion I this Haiku I used an allusion for figurative language
Example:"People play leap frog.." I jump like a pro
I hop a million feet
I still like big flies Hyperbole I this haiku i used a hyperbole as figuritve language
Example:"I hop a million feet" I dance with my feet
I try to sing with my throat
I dine on fat flies Personification In this haiku I used personification as figurative language
Example:"I dance..." I'm still like a rock
I wait like I'm made of stone
I strike with my tongue Symbolism In this haiku I used symbolism as my figurative language
Example:"...still like a rock..." I'm green and slimy
I smell like swamp water
I'm not a turtle Imagery In my haiku I'm using imagery as my figurative language
Example:"..green and slimy.." My legs are my pride
I jump super high with them
People eat my legs Irony In this haiku i used Irony as my figurative language
Example: "...legs pride...people eat them..." I live in a swamp
My hobby is to go hop
My fav food is flies Background In this haiku I used background
Example:"I live in a swamp"
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