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Spy School

No description

Ryan Tak

on 14 December 2016

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Transcript of Spy School

Spy School
About The Book
The Book "Spy School," is about a boy named Ben Ripley who goes into the spy school secretly, without no one knowing it. A group of bad spies (rivals of Spy School) called SPYDER, tries to kill Ben by sending spies from SPYDER.
About The Book (continued)
Spy School realizes there's a bomb under the building. He accuses Chip because Chip was suspicious about this event. However he was only trying to help him. The bomb is disabled, but it is not the end. SPYDER is still going to be sending assassins to kill Ben, and he will save himself again (hopefully)!
I think you should read this book because the story is thrilling, and there aren't inappropriate things that parents won't allow you to read (although there are cuss words). this book is good for people who likes action movies and romance. Because there are a little bit of romance in the book.
Thanks dude! Whoever read this presentation! BYE!
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