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Corporate Governance Presentation

No description

Lindsay Witt

on 6 April 2013

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Transcript of Corporate Governance Presentation

Selection Process Definition Corporate Governance: The system of control and performance monitoring of top management which is maintained by boards of directors and other major stakeholder representatives.

Boards of Directors: Ensures that an organization operates in the best interests of its owners -often selected by shareholders, sometimes also recommended
-annual shareholder meeting can consist of voting for board members -size is company specific

-internal committees

-maintain order and
shareholder relationships Corporate Governance Coca-Cola -long process
-candidates interviewed
-board can consist of some executive directors and some other non-executives How Does This Work? Brief Overview

• Committed to corporate governance, promotes the long term interests of shareholders

• Board is elected by the shareholders to oversee their interests in the long term health and overall success of the business

• Board of directors establish corporate governance guidelines, these guidelines include; board missions, director responsibilities, director qualifications, determination of director independence etc.

• Board elected by shareholders
• Board oversees the proper safeguarding of the assets of the company
• Board mission and director responsibilities
• Director qualifications
• Committees of the board
• Annual chief executive operation officer performance evaluation
• Management succession
• Annual board performance evaluation
• Director Compensation
• Board Interaction with Outside interested Parties Board Committee and charters

•Directors and Corporate Governance
•Management Development
•Public Issues and diversity Review Purpose

-To provide effective oversight and strategic guidance for top management

-To establish trust and maintain confidence for the corporation with its stakeholders

-To ensure sustainable development and economic growth for the company

-To help managers and owners achieve objectives to improve overall business results of the company

-To ensure corporate success in a manner that fits the best interests of all management Functions

-Includes the policies, initiatives and practices a corporation uses to accomplish its business goals.

-The elected board of directors develop governance strategies for implementation

-Goals and Risk Management
-Corporate Accountability
-Shareholder (Stockholder) Meetings
-Government Regulations
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