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How we build more energy efficient cars

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Ryan S

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of How we build more energy efficient cars

How Can We Build More Energy Efficient Cars? Aerodynamics To be make a car very aerodynamic the car has to be low to the ground also it has to have a smooth body line Light weight materials The lighter the car is the less work the engine has to do.
Carbon fiber is a very light material also its very strong. Thin Tires Thin tires are better than thick tires because they produce less friction.The only bad thing is they don't have as much grip Electric Engine An electric engine is better for the
environment because it produces no emissions Aerodynamics + Light weight materials + thin tires + electric engine = a very energy efficient car. Just think about before you buy a
car is this energy efficient is this good for the
environment will this help to make a better future.Thats how easy it is just think about it now before its to late.
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