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Goals at Barkalow

No description

Carmela Apostle

on 10 November 2013

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Transcript of Goals at Barkalow

Goals, Goals, Goals
Goals at Barkalow
- Becoming the president of Barkalow's student council. I have always been fascinated with student government, so I would really like to do.
-Straight As through 6th 7th and 8th grade.
-Playing on Barkalow's field hockey team, and becoming team captain.
- Another goal I hope to accomplish here at Barkalow is win the field hockey championships.
Goals in High school
- Going to Colts Neck High School
-I hope to excel in my classes there
- Being on the field hockey team is
a goal I wish to accomplish
-I also hope to become on the student government the have there.
-I also hope to graduate from Colts
Neck High
By Carmela Apostle
Goals for College
-My one collage that I want to go to is Tulane college. Get good grades!!
- I wish to be on the field hockey team there
- I also hope to study medical science and become a nurse, because helping people is something I to do it.
After college I'm not sure what to do with my life. Though, i hope to work at a predication's office helping little children. i also would like to get married and have children of my own.
As perfect as my life plan seems
the road I'm traveling may change at anytime.
- other people may win the election for president
- My team might not make the field hockey championships or the playoff.
Ways to overcome each obstacle
-If I don't make president for middle school or high school I will be disappointed but I will know what to do differently next time.
-If my field hockey team was not to make champs or even playoffs a way to overcome this obstacle is to try our best and keep practicing. Also learning form our mistakes.
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