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How well do you know Verbals

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Christine Amoako

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of How well do you know Verbals

BY: Christine Amoako What is a Verbal? A verbal is made when a verb acts as a different part of speech.Verbals have different tenses and suffixes added onto them.
Examples of verbals are:
~gerund, infinitive, or a participle! Gerunds
These are verbs that end in ing that act as a noun. A gerund is used to describe a process or state of doing something. A gerund usually acts as a subject or object of a sentence. A gerund ends in
For example:
Cooking is my favorite thing to do.
Crying isn't the way to end your sorrow.
Singing is a lot of fun to do. Infinitive
In infinitives there are verbs in its base form that have the word to in front of them. An infinitive can act as a subject or object of a sentence. An Infinitive can even follow a verb.
I am ready to learn. Participle
These are verbs that act as adjectives. Participles can be past present or future. A past participle can end in
Deceived by his friends, he took the candy.
Driven by the rain we drank hot chocolate.

As a present participle it can end in
Example: At the door ,was a man carrying a box of papers.
A future participle is very rare but does happen. What are the differences between the three?
An infinitive is a verbal that used to in front of a verb.
A Participle is usually used to describe.
A Gerund is a verb ending in
this is to act as a noun. What is a gerund? WHAT IS A PARTICIPLE???? Infinitives???? THANKS FOR YOUR TIME <3 :) http://battleofkettlecreek.weebly.com/prezi--verbals.html
Here is the link to all the worksheets :)
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