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Investment Banking Workflow

No description

Daniel Kim

on 30 August 2017

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Transcript of Investment Banking Workflow

Investment Banking Workflow
IB Workflow
Deal Idea Generation
Research & Analysis
Market Monitor
Market Monitor
Deal Idea Generation
Research & Analysis
Pitch Development
Deal Execution
IFR News
Quote List
Watchlist Pulse
Company Overview
Pitch Development
Deal Execution
Microsoft Office
Strategic Buyers
Financial Buyers
Public/Private Companies
Private Equity Firms
Bring Data into Excel
Link to PowerPoint Presentation
Collaborate with Deal team (bankers, company representatives, lawyers)
Use Virtual Deal Rooms (VDR) to manage deal execution and documentation
Integrate VDR from legal division or partner with leading provider (e.g. Intralinks) via Eikon
Buyers List
Private Equity Screening
Use Case
You are a junior banker at a bank working on a pitch for strategic alternatives
Your job is to find strategic and financial buyers for a private equity firm who wants to hire you
Track your companies of interest in Quote List or Watchlist Pulse
Know what's happening in the markets using IFR News
Use Screener to create a buyers list that contains the PE firms that fit your criteria
Historical PE investment activity
PE fund investment focus
Use Screener to find public/private companies that would be good strategic buyers
Use Screener to find private equity firms with your custom criteria to compile list of financial buyers
Create the pitch with PowerPoint and Excel using Eikon Office tools
Use fundamental data items to screen for strategic buyers (e.g. Biotech companies with revenue between 100m - 400m and less than 40% debt-to-equity)
Get more details on companies using Company Overview pages
Use Routines to set up a process to gather relevant data on companies of interest
Potential Strategic Buyers
Potential Financial Buyers
Use historical fund activity and investment focus to screen for financial buyers
(E.g. Biotech industry focus)
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