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My Instrument - Saxophone

No description

Georgia Lewon

on 25 May 2011

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Transcript of My Instrument - Saxophone

SAXOPHONE History of the Saxophone How do you play the Saxophone? Fun Facts on the Saxophone Did you know that the Saxophone belongs to the 'Woodwind family' because it has a reid, if it didn't have a reed, then it would belong to the 'Brass family' because it is made of Brass Hedwig's theme (Harry Potter) played on the Saxophone How to say Saxophone in other languages The Saxophone is an instrument belonging to the 'woodwind family'. Aldofe Sax was the man who had the original idea of inventing the Saxophone. Previously, Adolfe Sax had studied the Flute and the Clarinet, and had an obvious passion for music. He began developing his first Saxophone model in 1840. In 1842, Aldolfe moved to Paris, where later in 1845, completed his work. Adolfe goal was to create an instrument that would capture the woodwind tone of the Clarinet, and the brass sound of the Trumpet. The Saxophone started being used in small French orchestras. It then began being included in more orchestras world wide. Through the 1920's, the Saxophone gained a huge amount of popularity because of Jazz music. Canon in D played on the Saxophone German - Saxophon Dutch - Saxofoon Italian - Sassofono Swedish - Saxofon Spanish - Saxófono Indonesian - Saksofon http://library.thinkquest.org/5116/saxophone.htm BIBLIOGRAPHY http://www.youtube.com Is there only the one type of Saxophone? There is more than one type of Saxophone. A few different modles are the Alto Saxophone, the Soprano Saxophone, the Tenor Saxophone and the Baritone Saxophone. All these models vary in sizes and appearence. Саксофон Саксофон サクソフォン http://www.employees.org/~sax/types.html The Saxophone is quite a simple instrument to play once you get the hang of it. The hard part about learning how to play it is being able to get the right sound out of the mouthpiece using the reed. To get the proper sound out of the Saxophone, you have to tighten your whole mouth, then you have to blow a sufficient amount of air through the mouthpiece, which vibrates through the instrument, and escapes through the end of the instrument. Alto Saxophone Reeds are made out of bamboo Aldolfe Sax
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