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Raising the Bar to Achieve Higher LoTi Levels

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Scott Kondraschow

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of Raising the Bar to Achieve Higher LoTi Levels

After establishing that my school currently sits around level 2 and 3 of the LoTi framework, I set out to find what are some introductory steps I can take to begin raising the level at Cass Jr. High? Levels Raising the Bar to Achieve Higher LoTi Levels 2 Level 4 Web Resources LoTi Framework Research Question: Additional Relevant
Tid-Bits and Information By: Scott Kondraschow Professional Development Sharing apps, tools and resources Co-Teaching 0 - Nonuse 1 - Awareness 2- Exploration 3 - Infusion 4 - Integration (a) Mechanical (b)Routine 5 - Expansion 6 - Refinement George Lucas Foundations
Edutopia Kathy Schrock's Guide
To Everything & 4a - Integration (Mechanical) 4a - Integration (Routine) George Lucas Foundations
Edutopia Kathy Schrock's Guide
To Everything - Establish a Personal Learning Network (PLN) to build your tech toolbox - school or district wide
- globally via: online classes; social networking - RSS Feed: keep current through blogs and research articles all located in one feed location - Attend technology conferences for lesson plan, project, and integration ideas. - In school professional development days with "expert-teacher" led workshops -Schedule open class observations for teacher idea sharing - Take what you learn from Professional Development and share with co-workers, PLN, administration - Set aside "x" amount of minutes to share what tools have been useful in your classrooms at team/plan meetings - Keep an eye out for tools and resources that could be beneficial across the curriculum and not just for your use. - Co-plan projects across the curriculum for grade-wide use, incorporating various Web 2.0 tools and/or apps - Ask for a technology integration specialist or coach from your school to teach a lesson in your classroom with the tools they have shared with you - Lack of accessible resources or a lack of desire to use technology

(traditional classroom of yester-year) - Inconveniently or outwardly placed tech resources
- Pull-out programs
-Tech is teacher self-used - Planning
- Grading
- Attendance - Reward system
- Basic computing for already implemented projects

- Functions at lower or basic cognitive skill levels. - Basic research
- PowerPoint
- Word processing - Using tech tools across the curriculum beyond word processing
- Web analysis, charting over time
- Introductory use for problem-solving, decision making, and experimentation skills. - Teaching with pre-packaged materials developed by outside groups, such a publishers; teaching highlighted concepts and themes.

- Sharing of resources and information on how to best utilize technology amongst the staff
- Professional Development
- Professional/Research articles - Begin authenic/real-world problem solving

- Start to get into higher-level thinking - Teachers take initiative to develop and design authentic learning experience

- Teacher seeks out the materials from a variety of sources, not relying solely on textbooks and pre-packaged materials.

- Emphasis placed on student's actions - student-centric learning

- Continuing growth with higher-level thinking - Tech use is extended beyond 4 walls of classroom - Hinders on complex and sophisticated use by teachers and students - Use of a combination of outside & authentic materials for teaching and learning - Seamless and regular use of technology for accomplishing all tasks across the curriculum - Looks at real-world issues and problem-solving approaches - Work is of student significance giving them choice Edutopia.org : A teacher's resource for transitioning into a 21st Century
classroom through ongoing PD that focuses on
- Comprehensive Assessment - Integrated Studies
- Social & Emotional Learning - Project-Based Learning
- Teacher Development - Technology Integration NETS-T Standards: 1 - Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning & Creativity 3 - Model Digital Age Work and Learning 5 - Engage in Professional Growth and Leadership * Edutopia provides continual professional development and insight to create complexity and sophistication using tech-based tools in the classroom. It fosters diversity, inventiveness, and spontaneity on teachers part that carries over to students, thus fueling engagement and the desire to grow and learn. @edutopia Schrockguide.net: award-winning site created to help teachers easily wade through many available technology resources and share implementation ideas. NETS-T Standards: 1 - Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning & Creativity 3 - Model Digital Age Work and Learning 5 - Engage in Professional Growth and Leadership @kathyschrock * Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything provides teachers with an A-Z...well, V actually, resource page of tools to use in the 21st Century classroom. These resources cover Professional Development, resources, start up programs, apps, and literacy approaches. This site is well rounded for all subjects, skills, and levels for best use and best practices. Additionally, her Twitter account keeps teachers current with Professional Development articles and Web 2.0 tool ideas. http://www.edutopia.org/blog/mock-elections-via-skype-suzie-boss This is just one of many examples that
can be found of teachers generating ideas
that use in the tech classroom, that they are willing to share globally through the use of Twitter, blogs, and lesson plan resource sites. http://prezi.com/ftfsnhhbvyfr/a-year-at-mission-hill-reimagining-public-education/ This Prezi takes a look at a school focusing on progression through community as a faculty, as well as a student-centric approach to learning through discussion, problem-solving, and student choice. http://t.co/8KXQOYay This 58 page PDF from Kathy Schrock's workshop gives teachers a overview of various tools that can be used in the classroom with iPads, along with some classroom ideas and step-by-step instructions with visual aids for novice teachers just getting started with this technology. References: - Moersch, C (2002). Beyond Hardware: Using existing technology to promote higher-level thinking. Eugene, OR: ISTE. - "K-12 Education & Learning Innovations with Proven Strategies That Work." Edutopia. George Lucas Foundation, n.d. Web. 06 Feb. 2013. <http://www.edutopia.org/>. - Schrock, Kathy. "Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything - Home Page." Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything. N.p., n.d. Web. 06 Feb. 2013. <http://www.schrockguide.net/>.
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