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owl hall

No description

jorge hinojosa

on 11 November 2012

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Transcript of owl hall

OWL HALL FIRST CHARACTERS KARA : STORY The story is about a girl named Kara who goes with her mother and her brother to a house in the field.
When they were in the car a man appeared with a dog and helped them to go to owl hall because they were lost. When kara was making a video of the house she realized that a boy was spying her.
The boy wrote in kara´s blog to meet at five in the barn, but when she went to the barn, the boy listened that she was talking with someone. So he didn’t appear because he wanted her to be alone. is the sister of martin and the dougther of mum MARTIN: is the brother of kara and the son of the mum MUM: is the mum of kara and martin next day she went to the barn at eight o clock in the morning and met him. But her brother got angry with her because she left him alone in the house.
The next day the boy who was called john took her to an island and they had lots of fun.
When she return home she realized that her brother wasn’t in home and she asked john for help, but they didn´t find him so they sat down in the barn and talk. Kara told John about the incident that happened six months ago, kara started to explain john that they were in her house when her parents started shouting, her brother decided to burn a paper and his parents stopped shouting from that day he burned a lot of things, one day kara and her brother got angry and her brother burned the house, and he died in the fire. Then she return to owl hall, and her mother told her that the man they met in the road was in owl hall and was a spy who wanted to help her to forget her brother, owl hall was full of cameras that looked her and what she does every day.
The day she left owl hall she was happy because she met a new friend but she was going home and maybe would never see him again. PERSONAL OPINION I think that its a very interesant boock that more or less
talk abaout the deuil of the teath of a brother .
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