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The free encyclopedia that anyone can edit.

brett eckler

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Wikipedia

Wikipedia Different Languages French
and more.....
What is wikipedia? wikipedia is an enclyopedia that can be edited by anyone Is Wikipedia a news site? Wikipedia is not only viewed as an encyclopedic reference but also as a frequently updated news resource because of how quickly articles about recent events appear. Does Wikipedia make money? Wikipedia is run by The Wikimedia Foundation, a non-profit organization. It doesn't make a profit, but it does need to raise money, primarily to buy new servers and keep the site running. Wikimedia relies mostly on public donations.

Most of the donations come during set fundraising periods, which happen three or four times a year.

There is no advertising on wikipedia. What does an Article look like? Hyperlinking
The blue font are hyperlinks that are throughout every wikipedia page.

A hyperlink (or link) is a reference to a document that the reader can directly follow.

If you are reading an article and something interests you, or you don't know what that means, if you click on a link, it will send you to another wikipedia page where the searh result is the word that you hyperlinked to.
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