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Capturing Kids Hearts

No description

RnR Smith

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Capturing Kids Hearts

Flip Flippen Capturing Kids Hearts The primary focus of Capturing Kids' Hearts is to develop healthy relationships between members of a school's educational community and to teach effective skills that help participants. "No organization can rise above the constraints of its leadership. It is therefore imperative that leadership at all levels be constantly growing beyond their constraints."
- Flip Flippen The EXCEL Teaching Model
The Social Contract
Four Questions for Misbehavior
Four Questions for Disrespect Pieces of the Program Flip Flippen
Founder and President Flip Flippen is a man with
a mission. Mission: To build
relationships and processes
that bring out the best in people. An Agreement of Behavior The Social Contract *Always go to contract first.* Four Questions of Misbehavior The EXCEL Teaching Model E - Engage
X - X-plore
C - Communicate
E - Empower
L - Launch Engage X-plore Communicate Empower Launch "If you have a child's heart, you have his head." "A Leader is someone who sets aside a personal agenda and embraces a greater agenda of serving others." Meeting & Greeting Handshake
Welcome-each student into class
Affirm-each student
Model-social and prof. skills Exploring an Indiviadual's Need Customer's Needs-get in touch with students
Listening Skills-counselors/ask questions
Safe Environment-secure *Students are our "customers"* We Care, then make Content Relevant Content-addresses the needs
Dialogue-between teacher and students
Flexibility-content is captivating, creative and responsive
"Real World"-comvey the need for learning/meaning Communication of the content Messages that miscommunicate:
Rapid walking
Not smiling, non-expressions
Sarcasm My Teaching becomes their Doing Use and Do-the things they have been taught
Develop Skills-practice and apply/posses as much skills as possible
Becoming-teachers see their student in terms of what they are becoming
Encouragement-atmosphere of trust/feel free to fail/postive interaction Meaningful, Ending & Sending End and Send-way a teacher end a classroom experience/the way they send their charges forth to face the future
Summary-"lift off", summarizing what has occured in class
Commitment to Action-"flight plan", students to follow
Passion-ending on a powerful not Passion is the thrust we use to propel our studetns towards their destination. Listening With More than our Ears! S- quare up- Turn your body toward them
O- pen posture-don't cross arms
L- ean in (slightly)
E- ye contact (soft eyes)
R- espond The Social Contract 1. How do you want to be treated?
2. How do you want to be treated by each other?
3.How do you think I (leader) want to be treated by you?
4. How do we want to treat each other when there is conflict? "Great teachers teach their students to build bridges, facilitate their crossing, and then happily collapse those bridges and encourage them to build bridges of their own."
-Chicken Soup for the Soul Make the Question work for YOU! 1. Excuse me,____, what are you doing?
2. What are you supposed to be doing?
3. Were you doing it?
4. What are you going to do about it? If student says "I don't know"- "I asked the class to __" then Re-ask Affirm- "Thank you for making the right choice." Four Questions of Disrespect "You earn the right to discipline a child. If you haven't won their hearts, you haven't earned the right." -Flip Flippen 1. Who are you talking to?
2. How are you supposed to talk to me, him/her?
3. Were you doing it?/ Is that how you are supposed to talk to me, him/her?
4. How are you going to talk to me, him/her? Disrespect: MIsbehavior: *Deal with disrepect and misbehavior separately.* -Flip Flippen
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