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Film Music

Themes and motifs

brandon o'donnell

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Film Music

Themes and Motifs Film Music Music is used to:
Create a sense of emotion and emotive response
create tension
create suspense
comic relief
represent characters or scenes
Connect the audience to characters How is Music used in films The Theme and Motif Sergei Prokofiev 1936 Tonality (major or Minor)
Dynamics Characteristic of Motifs Identify a hero or villain
evoke emotion: loss, triumph, sympathy, suspense
connect the audience with a scene or character
mislead the audience into a false sense of security How are these characteristics
used in film? 1. Select a musical theme from a movie of your choice.
2. Transcribe the melody from this theme or motif
3. Notate this in Finale and upload the project file to edmodo.
4. Think about the characteristics of this theme. What qualities are used in it's composition? Do these suit the image it is composed for? Task 1 Themes and motifs are:


All these are tools used to encourage an emotional connection between the audience and the characters to engage the audience with the story. Peter and The Wolf Effective demonstration of how melodic themes and instrumentation are used to represent characters Peter represented by strings
Sascha by a solo flute (high register) What kind of movie would you expect if you heard this theme?? Would you expect a major or minor tonality to represent a villain? Instruction on how to set up this project in finale. Once completed upload your finale project to the film music discussion group at:
www.edmodo.com/brandondabass Add to our discussion page (at the link below) what you think are the most in standout characteristics of this theme. Does it successfully represent this villain? Why? You may want to talk about instrumentation, tonality, chordal movements etc.

http://wallwisher.com/wall/musicthemes Task 2 In groups of no more than 3 people:

1. Select one of the 3 following 30 second video clips (in the next cell).

2. Using Garage Band, compose two (2) completely contrasting musical accompaniments (ie, one might be slow, intense and dramatic, the second might be upbeat and comical) for this clip by arranging audio or midi samples from the sample library in GB. You must incorporate a melodic theme you have composed using a Piano track.

3. Once fully arranged export your Garage Band composition as an mp3. The following link will show you how to convert your GB project to mp3.

4. Import your chosen video clip and mp3 into Final Cut. Align the audio to commence with the clip (both should be approx 30 secs in length so this should be a simple process).

5. Export the final product (video and audio) as a .mov file. Save it as "Yourname".mov and upload to our Edmodo discussion page at the following url: www.edmodo.com/brandondabass
Task checklists Task 1 select piece from a movie
transcribe main melody
notate in finale
upload the project file to edmodo Task 2 Select a clip
Create 2 opposing alternative projects in garage band to support the emotive content of the video
Export both arrangements as mp3s
Import both video and mp3 into Final Cut
Export your finished product as .mov file
Upload your completed project file to Edmodo saved as "yourname".mov
You will have 2 finished products Once you've chosen your clip, arranged the accompaniment and composed a melody let your class know your thoughts on the process of soundtrack composition. Is it as easy as you thought to convey so much in such a short amount of music? What process or techniques could you use to make the result more effective?
http://wallwisher.com/wall/soundtrack_compose Video Clip Selection GB export Final Cut Export The links will be on the wallwisher site below Real World Applications The basic skills you've acquired with this assignment have long reaching real world applications in the music industry, film industry, advertising industry, pod casting ... and more
jingle production
film soundtrack production
music beds for radio, television and movie commercials Examples: Melodic Analysis Once you have notated your melody have a closer look at it's construction.
Is it composed from a simple scale or does it contain highly complex compositional techniques such as modulation, chromaticism etc? One of the most prolific film composers is American born John Williams.
Works: Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Superman, Schindler's List, Harry Potter, Jurassic Park...and many more.
The title works for most of these movies are composed from a simple major scale.

Simplicity is the key!!! http://wallwisher.com/wall/musicthemes
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