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Psychophysiological Benefits of Humor and Laughter

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Athena Fu

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of Psychophysiological Benefits of Humor and Laughter

Physiological/Biological Benefits
Studies have shown that laughter can provide the same benefits to the body as aerobic exercise.
Doctors need to use the right type of humor or else they might push the patient away. They also need to be wary about the patients who do not appreciate humor.
Key Terms and Concepts
: Studies regarding both the human psyche and physical/biological aspects.
Humor should be looked to more seriously as a method of patient treatment and therapy.
Thank you!
What do you call a deer with no eye?
Psychophysiological Benefits of Humor and Laughter
Older Adults
Circulatory System
: Laughter increases blood circulation.
Doctor-patient relationship becomes more personal patients listen to doctor.
By: Athena Fu
The benefits of humor are observed in not only the interpersonal relationships of doctors and patients but also in physiological health and immunity when applied correctly and adequately in patient therapy.
: Relationships/interactions between people on a personal, more familiar basis.
Why this Topic?
I am a Biology Major
Wanted to see if laughter really is the best medicine
I had a strong prior interest in the psychology of human interaction
Humor as a cohesive factor
: Humor has the ability to bring people together, letting them put aside their differences and focus on their similarities.
Interpersonal Benefits
Therapist uses humor Patient applies to own life Meet new people and gain support.
: To excite by way of outside influences. Usually causes an increase or enhancement of an occurrence.
Stimulates different systems in the body.
Laughter promotes the release of endorphins which increase pain tolerance and lower stress levels.
Beneficial to adults who have sedentary lifestyles.
Laughter can serve as a form of exercise that is easy to achieve.
Respiratory System
: Laughter makes air exchange more efficient.
Immune System
: Laughter increases the amount of antibodies to prevent illnesses.
Some patients may not be able to handle convulsive laughter. Could potentially cause them even more physical pain.
Though there are risks involved, the benefits outweigh them.
May not be for everyone, but should give it a try.
Further Research
Is humor therapy more effective on patient's with certain types of illnesses?
Studying the ways in which doctors can figure out what type of humor to use.
“Studies have shown that patient satisfaction correlates with the length of visits and the emotional tone of medical encounters. They concluded that ‘physicians may improve patients’ sense that the doctor has given them adequate time by simply talking about the weather, telling a joke, or evoking conversation about something other than the health of the patient’” (Bennett 1258)
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