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Clint Eastwood


kendellee o'reilly

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Clint Eastwood


Born on May 31, 1930

Sanfranisco, CA

Settled in oaklland

Graduated high school in 1948

Moved to seattle there after graduating high school

1950 drafted into the military
1954 after finishing the military Eastwood to LA

1964 went to Italy to star in a trio

Directed his first film

Went on to action movies

Eastwood then started directing Major Works:
True Crime

Absolute Power

The Bridges of Madison County

A Perfect World ...etc

Major Themes:

Eastwood Major Themes where action and western Trademark Features:

Clint Eastwood trademarks are that he is always the main character or the protector in the movie and the movie is solely based round him. My Topic:
Eastwood’s filming techniques

how he interacts with his cast members

as well as his filming crew Discovery:

six decades of film work


Clint Eastwood came from making $75 a week to making millions a year. He is the true American icon and is the prime example of the American dream. Eastwood is a great inspoiration for today's generation, showing us that we can turn nothing into something. Clint Eastwood By: Isaiah Hillary
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