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Masks From Around the Globe

No description

brandon barnett

on 22 April 2015

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Transcript of Masks From Around the Globe

Masks From Around the Globe
Presentation by Brandon Barnett
(British Columbia)
Native Americans of the Northwest Coast Revealing Masks
(American southwest)
Apache Crown Dancers
(Latin America)
Day of the Dead Masks
(Central America)
Mayan Burial Masks
Inuit Shaman Transformation Masks

(arctic circle)
Carnival Masks
(Caribbean Islands)
Diablada Festival
Bwa Masks
(Mali, Africa)
Alunga Mask of the Bembe People
(Congo, Africa)
Kukeri Masks
Kponyungo Masks of the Senufo
(Ivory Coast, Africa)
Venetian Masks
(Venice, Italy)
Barong Rangda Masks
Hindu Festival of Theyyam
(Kerala, India)
Alpine Masking Traditions
Opera Masks
(Beijing, China)
Kabuki Masks
Masks of the Aborigines
What are Masks For?
Spiritual Practices

What are Masks Made of?
Caved Wood

What do Masks Represent?
the unknown
human emotions
human fears
otherworldly beings
When are Masks Used?
Rites of Passage

Native American Masks
Among the native peoples of the Americas masks are an integral part of not only the culture but also their heritage. Among the natives of the northwest coast, particular masks are passed down through the generations and can only be worn by certain families. Among the Inuit or Eskimos, masks are part of the religious practices in which a shaman will craft and wear a 'transformation mask' that is believed to grant the wearer the qualities of the image in which it was made.
Masks of Africa
Of all the continents in the world it can be argued the masks of Africa are the most diverse as well as the most recognizable. The many different ethnic groups each with their own culture all craft masks in a style uniquely their own. A common theme among the masks of Africa is they all seek to portray themes of the spirit world often lending to their bizarre or unnatural appearance.
The World's Oldest Known Masks
In 2014 eleven stone masks found in the Judean desert went on display in a special exhibit at a Jerusalem museum. The masks are the oldest artifacts of their kind dating back to the Neolithic period 9,000 years ago.
Contemporary Masks

1: Masks of the Inuit: Arctic Circle
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3: Apache Crown Dancers: American Southwest
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7: Diablada: Bolivia, South America
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8: Alunga Masks of the Bembe People: Congo, Africa
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9: Kponyungo Masks of the Senufo: Ivory Coast, Africa
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10: Bwa Masks: Mali, Africa
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11: Masks of the Judean Desert
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12: Kukeri Masks: Bulgaria
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13: Venetian Masks: Venice, Italy
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14: Alpine Masking Traditions: Germany
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15: Theyyam: Kerala, India
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16: Barong Rangda Masks: Bali
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17: Chinese Opera Masks: China
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18: Kabuki Masks: Japan
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19: Masks of the Aborigines: Australia
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Carrillo-Huffman, Y. (n.d.). Spirit faces: Beyond the mask - Australian Museum. Retrieved April 22, 2015, from http://australianmuseum.net.au/spirit-masks

Some are functional, some expertly crafted for the entertainment industry, and others simply allow us to be someone or something else while we wear it.
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