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What is the Analytics role from Bloomberg's perspective?

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Yiyun ZHOU

on 6 February 2015

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Transcript of What is the Analytics role from Bloomberg's perspective?

Why is Analytics role so importat to Bloomberg?
Before answering the question, we need to know who is bloomberg and what does it do.
Who is Bloomberg?
Financial Products Sales and Analytics dept. is the client-facing department that directly support the terminal. Hence, it is one of the most important departments in Bloomberg.
Who are working on those Supports?
Why is Analytics so imprtant to Bloomberg?
Customers Support
Questions from customers are the source of improvement and that is the reason why answering the questions is not just for sovling current problem, but for solving the problems in the future as well.

Analytics role will be crucial in helping Bloomberg forsee the probelms and make improvement every moment.
Terminal Improvement
What is the Analytics role from

Evian, Yiyun ZHOU
The leader in global business and financial information
- 320,000+ subscriptions
- 24,000+ companies
Core business is the Bloomberg Professional Service:
Providing real-time data, news and analytics to
- 174 counties
- 360 + exchanges
How thoses clients are supported?
questions answered today
Analytics questions
answered in last 24 hours
- Building client relationships
- Helping users make the most of their terminals
- Generating new business leads
- Answering clients' questions about financial data
- Support them in using the terminal
- Help solve any problems they may have
Bloomberg Professional
Bring in new clients
1. Customer Serivce represents Bloomberg Professional
2. Bring new clients from Markets
3. Help on Bloomberg Terminal Improvement
As a professional information services provider helping its clients on decision making, Bloomberg must have highly trained professionals with exceptional customer service to its clients.

That basically raise 2 most important criteria: highly professional and rapid response.

All the experts should be able to conduct the support with those criteria to show Bloomberg's expertise.
Sales and Analytics Representitives are the key people to bring in new customers and explore the new markets. Their skills, personality, passion and everything are great important of Bloomberg's reputation and branding.
It represents Bloomberg Professional;
It is the branding and reputation of Bloomberg, hence help bring in the new customers for Bloomberg;
It helps on foreseeing the problems in the future and improving the Bloomberg terminal and services;
Analytics role is so crucial to Bloomberg based on the below reasons:
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