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Copy of HR presentation- Promotion, Transfer, Demotion

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Amir Ahmed

on 9 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of HR presentation- Promotion, Transfer, Demotion

HTM 4115 Human Resources Management
Hotel Icon-HR policy and procedure
Prmotion, Transfer, Demotion Policy Transfer Procedure
1. Having black and white evidence to support demotion decision

2. Demotion decision should endorsed by human resources department

3. Human resources department should investigate the case Demotion Reduction in an employee's rank
Loss of other privileges and benefits Reasons: Recommendation Exception for expectant mother.

Providing Time for just promoted staff to get use to new job

Cross department demotion Neither promotion nor demotion An usual practice in hotels 1. In written format => avoid any suspicion

2. All vacancies must be listed under an open and fair environment

3. Recommended by employees' supervisor and approved by their department head

4. Made to employees with good performance appraisal

5. Decided by merits first, then seniority

6. Made in consideration of the employees' career plan

7. No disciplinary action in the past 1-2 years Policy Policy Procedure Procedure Promotion Transfer Recommendation Recommendation Promotion Demotion Conclusion 1. Identify the bad performing employee 2. Make demotion decision 3. Proof of bad performance 4. Approval Discussion 5. Talk to bad performaning employee 6. Pass to HR endorsement 7. Prepare recuritment

1. Production transfer
2. Replacement transfer
3. Versatility transfer
4. Shift transfer
5. Remedial transfer 5 Types of Transfer Basic Requirement:
>Has to work for at least one year in the current position

None of prior disciplinary actions

Transfer request form was endorsed by HR dept.

Candidate is interviewed by HR and receiving dept. manager.
(if success commence date for transfer)
1. Vacancies of internal transfer 2. Display of vacancies list 3. Invite internal candidate 4. Hand in transfer request form Clear transfer procedure

High transparency must be maintained

× Abrupt changes of organizational structure and manpower relocation

Pre- and post-consultation to the transferees

Habitual or large scale of transfer should be made known or consulted Change of job position to a higher pay grade
Identify and control the mobility of individuals (Gillian M. Allen, 1992)
Factors affecting promotion system 1. Personnel Requisition Form 2. Performance Appraisal 3. Pass to Human Resources Department 4. Pass to Financial controller 5. Approval from GM 6. Confirm promotion
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