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Wonder R.J. Palacio

Middle School Summer Reading

Michaela Dent

on 28 August 2013

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Transcript of Wonder R.J. Palacio

Plot Summary (3)Our Town
Middle School Summer Reading Project
Plot Summary (1) The Tour

Plot Summary (2) Halloween
August is a normal 10 year-old boy. He lives in a house with his dog, Daisy, his sister, Olivia, his mom and dad. He is obsessed with StarWars and likes to play video games on his Xbox. He is very smart and he is in an advanced science class. When August was little, he would wear an astronaut helmet his sister's friend gave him because it made him feel good about himself. It covered his face so no one could see his facial deformation.
Olivia is August's only sister and she is in high school. Olivia has long dark hair and she was really close to her Grandmother. Olivia was an understudy in her high school play called, "Our Town". Olivia has always cared for August because she felt sad for him.
R.J. Palacio has always wanted to write a book, so she wrote the book, Wonder. Also, she is a graphic designer and art director. She lives in New York City with her dog, children, and husband. The only books R.J. Palacio has written is Wonder and Wonder (the adult version).
R.J. Palacio
Miranda was one of Olivia's friends, their friendship ended when they went back to school. Miranda has known August since he was a baby, she is really nice to him. Miranda misses being good friends with Olivia. Miranda was also in the play, "Our Town".
Why I like this book?
Wonder was a very interesting book because I could not stop reading it once I started. It seemed as if I was just reading this book for fun. Reading Wonder changed the way I look at things. The way R.j. Palacio described August, he's a normal boy and he liked things normal boy liked. The people around him did not see him as being a normal boy. They just saw his face and automatically judged him. Not only has it occurred in the book, but people actually do this in reality. They judge other's appearances before they get to know how they act. For example, they judge the way you dress, how you talk, your religion, and where you live. However, they don't realize that we are all created by the same God. As humans, we should not judge anyone no matter how they look. We should just treat each other with respect.
I like Wonder because it teaches me a lesson. I learned that I should not judge anyone by the way he looks because he may be exactly the opposite of what I thought he would be. It may be cool to be different, you never know. The book also teaches me that I should not let what people say get in the way of my success. For example, during lunch when people stared at August, it did not stop him from eating. Before I read this book, I was a little prejudice because I had negative, judgemental thoughts. When I read this book it changed my thoughts to more positive ones. No one should ever feel like he has to hide his face or pride because of what people have said about him.
Prezi Presentation by
Michaela Joy Dent
Thanks for watching !
All my information was from the book.
Presentation by: Michaela Joy Dent
During August's grand tour of the school, he meets three of his classmates: Jack Will, Charlotte, and Julian. He did not want to go to school because of his facial differences with other students. He thought that his classmates would think he was weird because of his facial deformation, but his parents made him go. Julian bullies August throughout the whole tour by calling him names and asking him mean questions. August did not like the fact of Julian calling him names. In addition, Jack Will tries his best to stand up for August which made him feel like Jack Will was his best friend.

During Halloween at Becher Prep. , the 5th grade class dressed in costumes. August decided to go to school as the Bleeding Scream. He over heard Jack Will say some mean things about him to Julian and it made him feel sad. As a result, August doesn't really want to talk to Jack Will, so he tries to avoid going to school. Jack realized the difference between his friendship with August, and he did not really understand why August was not talking to him anymore. After Summer gave him a hint, Jack understood why August was acting so mad towards him which caused him to want to apologize to August. Two months later, Julian talked about August behind his back to Jack Will. Later, Jack Will punched Julian in the face. Last, Jack Will apologized to August for talking about him during the Halloween Party.
Olivia, August's sister, auditioned for part in her high school's play called, "Our Town". She made the play as an understudy for a lead part her "ex- best friend", Miranda, is playing. Prior to the play, Olivia stopped being friends with Miranda because Miranda had changed her style and personality. Slightly before the play, Miranda got sick and could not make it, so Olivia played her part. Miranda was grateful of Olivia doing such a great job. As a result, Miranda complimented Olivia and they became friends again.
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