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USW Student Journey

No description

Paula Keys

on 4 September 2017

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Transcript of USW Student Journey

The University of South Wales Student Journey
The parts of the journey
Getting to know us (pre-arrival and welcome)
My first year
Stepping Up a Gear: My Second Year
Making it count: work ready
Moving Out
Processes, People and Systems
USW Responsibility
USW Responsibility
USW Responsibility
Settling in
Raising Aspirations
I've made friends in person on my course, where I live and within the clubs and societies I've joined
I engaged with induction, know all about my course and the services in the University
I know my the staff that teach me, and that they know me.
I understand my timetable and have received all my assessments and my assessment diary
I've done some group work and had some feedback from my first 'immersive learning' project
I've met my Personal Coach and we talked about my expectations and aspirations
I know when my assessments are due
I'm engaged with teaching and with Blackboard and have found it stimulating
I'm regularly using the library and understand the resources available to me
I'm actively engaged in extra-curricular activity
I know about the Student Union and have voted for my Course Rep
I know where to raise concerns and where to get answers to questions

I've had a re-induction and am excited about learning
I know what my year holds and doing research for my assessments in advance
I've increased my engagement with extra-curricular activities, employability and am using Grad Edge to build a CV/Linked In Profile
My reading and engagement with the subject area has increased. I am using journals as well as books.
I am setting my own personal goals
My Personal Coach helps is working with me to optimise my performance, evaluate my engagement with Grad Edge, and prepare me for the future.
My voice is heard when I raise issues and I've completed all course and module evaluations
I am confident in managing my workload and my time
I am preparing my thinking about my final year project
I have clear views on my choice of employment following graduation and have engaged with networks

I feel that this is the year that I transform from a student to a professional
I have chosen my career path/nexzt steps and am making steps to achieve my goal with support from the University
I am achieving more than my original aspirations in my course
My academic attainment is excellent and continues to be supported through my Personal Coach. I know what my likely degree is
I can present myself confidently in individual or group settings
I am receiving increased exposure to my chosen industry through course links and through employment opportunities
I have an excellent CV and online profile and good networks
I have been offered additional skills development through my journey which means I am prepared for the workplace.
I am actively supporting students in lower years in their academic journey through mentoring
I have completed the NSS at the end of my course
I am proud of my achievements
I have secured employment in a profession of my choice
I am equipped to enter the world of work
I have good networks
I have fed back on my experiences to the University and completed DLHE
I am proud to have studied at the University of South Wales and have signed up with Alumni Services
I will consider acting as an Alumni Mentor to those students who follow
I will maintain my networks of friends
Challenges and Questions
They all need to work together to ensure the student does not get lost
The Parts of the Journey
Freshers Facebook presence
Welcome week organization
Course documentation production and assessment approval
Accommodation Services supporting students in seeking and confirming accommodation arrangements for their first year of study and beyond.

• Course Leaders and course engagement with students prior to their enrolment on the course, including some activity
• Information on how University locations and local amenities, questions such as where is the nearest supermarket, what travelling logistics are in place, where local amenities are situated.
• Timetabling – work already done to make timetables available earlier to students with 2016 confirmation and welcome information to include induction and timetabling information on confirmation Thursday. Improve the accessibility and personalisation of timetabling information, signage and communication around ‘Find a Room’.
• Fresher’s Fayre – work planned for 2016 entry
• Improve communication in relation to Clubs and Societies working closely with the SU
• Communication with incoming students around local opportunities for part-time work – this is already undertaken in part through the Freshers Facebook site.

Develop & Embed
• Systems for Personal Coaching, including early notification of who their Personal Coach will be to students.
• Clear and integrated student communication strategies which are joined up across the institution across services, across media and which complement the SU.
• Personalised timetabling
• Earlier notification of clubs and societies to students. This could link to statements made on UCAS forms around areas of interest. Provision of this rich data to the SU to inform the range of societies and clubs on offer to our students.
• Consider how the IFS project could provide an enquiry management system for prospective students to ask questions and create FAQ resources.

All pre-arrival, plus:
• Improved induction process for students.
Extend this work to consider different student intakes, students who live at home and students who study at a distance.
• Continue to invest in the Integrated Frontline Services project to provide a ‘one-stop shop’ for students either physically or online to gain support as required.

Develop & Embed
All of the above, plus:
• The conditions for academic staff to provide passionate and interactive teaching through links to DPR schemes, staff development (including revised PGDPHE) and provision of high quality teaching space.
• A subject specific ‘you said, we did’ online presence that will articulate this for students. Example (http://www.bathspa.ac.uk/Media/nss/YSWD%20Psychology%202016.pdf)
• The provision of student progress information to Personal Coaches and Course Leaders through the Learner Analytics Project.
• The provision of an App for students as an outcome of the Learner Analytics Project which provides information to students on their own engagement and benchmarks this against their peers.
• Provision of mentors (including alumni) and guest speakers in inspiring our students to aim higher.
• Support for students to undertake course level extra-curricular activities
• Development and embedding of learner self-assessments in first few weeks

Al of the above, plus
• Provision of effective re-induction for Year 2 students on all courses
Support for students in planning for final year projects earlier in their journey and not just at the start of their final year. Consider models of good practice and how these may be rolled out across the University. Consider how skills development could be supported through Learning Resources.
• Provision of work experience through Careers and Employability Service on all courses in line with the Blueprint.
• The development of the student in their access to learning resources through their second and into their final year.

Develop & Embed
All of the above, plus:
• Develop a standard reflective ‘My Future Success’ online tool by September 2017, to allow for each learner to articulate of their emerging ‘professional identity’. This should simplify/integrate tools already available through Grad Edge, PDP and the HEAR and locate them in a single place. This will allow for articulation of aspiration, reflection on activities that have built self-confidence from the learning experience, as well as expressing skills, competencies and knowledge acquired through their studies.
All of the above, plus:
• Improvement of the access by students to development of curriculum vitae, the use of social networks such as LinkedIn and interview preparation. Embed this where possible into final year curricula.

Develop & Embed
All of the above, plus:
• Develop programmes of additional skills development in line with the findings of the Digital Literacy Project being undertaken in CELT.
• Mentoring support from final year students for first and second year students

USW Responsibility
All of the above, plus:
• Improvements in the engagement with the National Student Survey and in particular students’ choice within scales which form part of that survey.
• Reminders to students of their experience to date through involvement in activity such as induction for first years etc.
• The sense of pride in our students of their achievement through the Personal Coaching system.
• Sign up to Alumni Services through increased promotion

A framework that is used to evaluate performance at every stage of the student life cycle, and to assist decision making and prioritising resource.

The journey commences at the first point of contact and proceeds through to graduation and alumni.

The concept of a Student Journey prompts people in separate departments to think about the student experience from a holistic perspective and not a series of unrelated events.

Moving on Up
Before the end of each year:
I have met with my Personal Coach and reviewed how I did
I am clear on my option choices for next year
I have my reading lists for my next year and will be starting reading/preparing over the summer
I have some formative assessment to work on over the summer
I've set up a productive summer of work, volunteering, travel etc

What is the Student Journey?
I've made friends online
I've completed my pre-arrival activity set by my course
I know who my Course Leader and my Personal Coach are and we've made contact
I've received my Course Handbook and know how my course is structured
I know exactly what I'm doing and where I'm going in my first week
I know where I'll be living and what my domestic arrangements will be
I know what's in the local area
I have received and understand my timetable
I know what clubs and societies I'm interested in and I've already joined some
I know what my social activity will look like in my first few weeks
I know where I can find part time work to support my studies
I know where to find information and ask questions and I know I'll get a response

All of the above, plus:
• Methods of dissemination of assessment scheduling for students/provision of assessment diaries
Integrating calendars, timetables and assessment diaries in one place
• Consistency and accessibility of information held on Blackboard
• Student engagement with library resources through their first few weeks of term leading to their first assessment point.
• Promotion of the work of the SU through discussions at course level and through social media.
• Promotion of the avenues available to students to ‘get their voice heard’, including a response to it.
• Promotion of support services through online channels – line to Student Comms Strategy
• The provision of student assessment feedback, consistently, timely and accessibly.

I am working hard towards my assessments and I am clear what is expected, how I submit them and how they will be marked
I have found a pattern of learning that works for me
I have signed up for Grad Edge
My engagement and progress is being monitored and I have conversations with my personal coach about how I can strive to aim higher
I have been receiving timely feedback on my assessments and I am acting on what has been provided
I have begun reflecting on my learning through my PDP
I am thinking about how my course will equip me with the skills for my future career
My confidence is increasing and I'm excited about the rest of the course
I've completed all of my course ad module evaluations
Simplicity, accessibility and stability of information
Good course level information for students
The course at the centre - building the course and course team and monitoring
Effective monitoring of the performance/engagement of every student at every stage
An effective student voice and a clear response
Easy navigation of support structures - clarity for students, integration and 'seamlessness'
Excellence in teaching and learning - passionate and interactive teaching
Fully articulated extra-curricular activities
Engagement with students outside of the academic year
What students tell us (NSS, PTES, other surveys)
We need to improve overall satisfaction
Our teaching scores are improving
We remain challenged with assessment feedback
Organisation and Management scores are weak
What we think of ourselves
League table and NSS Scores
Morale and pride
We ARE better than that
Our Plans
A new Student Experience Plan
Academic plan and Blueprint
A clear strategy for change
A genuine sense of change
There is a real sense in most areas of improvement and positivity
It's not one journey

Not all our students are the same
50% live at home - how do we engage this group with extra-curricular activity?

Not all students have confidence to aim high - how do we foster this sense of aspiration?

Not all students are full-time
Many of our students are from overseas

Partnership is a work in progress
The Academic Journey
The Administrative Journey
The Support Journey
The Extra-curricular Journey
The 'Voice of the Student'
The 'emotional' journey
The professional journey
Clear, timely and accessible communication
Minimize referral (one-stop integrated services)
Effective online self-help
Clear and accessible information
Integrated seamless support
The Journey as the students see it
The Signposts
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