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alejandra mera

on 26 January 2015

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Transcript of Coca-Cola

Origin of Coca-Cola
With soda reaching to many people into differents bottlers, there was a problem: each bottler used a different bottles, and that distracted the public, which was different containers in each area, so a competition was held to choose a single model of bottle in 1915. The winner was Alexander Samuelson.
Before Coca-Cola
John Stith Pemberton
Secret method
The name of the secret ingredient of coke is 'Merchandise 100X', although it is only a method of advertising control, apparently it remains as a secret since 1886. The method had several changes and
accepts that the formula has changed over time.
Cliff Kluge affirms to have found in an old box that he bought at auction the hidden recipe, but the multionatinal has tried to deny the news saying that the recipe found by Kluge could be one of many who try to simulate that of the
but it isn't the original.
In the last years have left many recipes that get a similar taste to the soft-drink but has nothing to do with the original.

Elena Escribano
Alejandra Mera
He was born on July, 1831, he was an American pharmacist know for being who discovered and patented the coke. He died on August, 1888 was hurted in the battle of Columbus, Georgia; made to derive an addiction to morphine, as happened with others veterans. Look for a cure for addiction, he was dedicated to invent a drink that could cure him, managed coke. His obsession was invented the final medicine and perfect alcoholic drink. Then discovered reports about virtues of coca plant who a reputed to act as stimulant, helped to realise the digestion and make to the life longer.
The drawing of the bottle of Coca-Cola is inspired by the shape of a cocoa pod and it is recognisable even in the dark.
Actually, exist several types of coke, manufacturated by the same company, for example:
- Coca-Cola Light
- Coca-Cola Cherry
- Coca-Cola without caffeine
- Coca-Cola Vainilla
- Coca-Cola Zero
In the 1920s was manufactured the first box to six bottles which facilitated the transportation and distribution the drink.
At the end of this decade, selling bottles overtook the distributors of soda. And
appears in Spain for the first time through imports.
During the 40s were the American soldiers who helped to popularized the drink around the world while fighting in World War II. Was created a new container more durable and easy to transport: a can of

establishes permanently in Spain at the beginnings of 1950s.
Secret method
Franco Moschino
Types of
It is said that nor their
children knew the exact
composition of the recipe.
There are only two people
in the world who know the
secret recipe, it is locked
away in the SunTrust Bank
Building in Atlanta.
Franco Moschino
Franco Moschino was born on February 27, 1950. He was an Italian fashion designer remembered for his ingenious designs, colorful, festive and provocative. He founded his own company, Moonshadow in 1983. At first designed jeans and casual clothes, but their line eventually expanded to underwear, suits, shoes, fragrances.. Some cans of
was decorated by him.
Twenty years before the Coca-Cola was invented in 1860, in Germany, a chemical achivement extract of the Peruvian leaf coca pure cocaine. His name is Albert Niemann.
The medicinal effects of coca leaf caused a huge increase in demand in the context of war and social depression. Thirteen years before the
was invented, in 1863 the chemist and business owner, Angelo Mariani invented "Wine Mariani". Immediately patented his method that consisted in the extract from the coca leaf dilute on wine. Quickly became in the most popular drink.
In 1880 Pemberton recorded a very stimulating Wine of Coca inspired in the invention of Angelo Mariani. Then he founded the Pemberton Chemical Company. At first their drinks containing an alcoholic juice. The Doctor develop a soft drink with extract of coca. He had 54 years when he invented the famous syrup mixed with carbonated water instead of pure water and then created the effervescent mixture.The drink began to sell in the city of Atlanta with great success.
After Pemberton's died, another man, Asa Griggs Candler bought a share in the business and started an advertisement campaign to promote Coca-Cola as a drink, not as a medicine and transformed the drink into an American icon.
ads are always characterized by controversy they cause, also include some catchy music, a deep message or simply for its long lenght.
In its first advertisement in the newspaper Atlanta Journal on May 27, 1886, the drink as "Delicious, refreshing, stimulating and invigorating" was announced. However, Frank Robinson invented the logo and the name of
using the combination of ingredients being announced in 1887, when the patent from the ingredients of the drink are processed. But he never signed the brand.
In the corner of the building, has placed a sculpture of 5.5 meters of height representing a bottle of
Beside the typical American expression "Okay,"
is the word most globally recognized on the Earth.
In the beginning, was introduced commercially as "an effective tonic for the brain and nerves".
There is a legend that
used to pull out pipes.The reason wich
cleans metals have to duty a certain amount of phosphoric acid to make the drink more refreshing.
This acid reacts with chromium and other metals creating a new bright layer.
However, this amount of acid is very low, and doesn't affec people.
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