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The Savage Reservation

Comparison of the Savage Reservation and the BNW

Travis Vincent

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of The Savage Reservation

New World Tribalism The people of the Savage Reservation mostly live off of food that they hunt or farm. While Bernard and Lenina are on the reservation, they witness a ceremony being held by the people to bring rain, in which a young man goes around the fire as many times as possible while being whipped. This horrifies both of them, but Bernard is also fascinated by their ritual. Due to his skin color and his mother, John is shunned from the Savage society, and not allowed to participate in their rituals, even though he tries to show the people that he wants to be part of them. Relationships In the Savage Reservation, relationships are monogamous, and basically, the complete opposite of those in BNW. When Linda and John had been on the reservation for only a short time, Linda was beat up by the other women on the reservation, because she had been raised in BNW where everyone belongs to everyone else and was sleeping with their men. The people of the Savage Reservation hate his mother, so John is shunned as well In the Savage reservation, each individual is just that, an individual. They are born, not created, and are free to craft their own character. They are also free to read and learn, which is not allowed in the world state. They enjoy their lives, even without the technology of the BNW, because they have this freedom. Lisa, originally coming from the BNW, doesn't like this. She is not used to not knowing exactly what to do or having the freedom to make her own choices. In the BNW, she knew exactly what she had to do. Life in the Savage Reservation is unfamiliar to her and it confuses her. John, on the other hand, never lived in the BNW, but the effect it has on Lisa changes his childhood greatly. Relationships In the BNW, any relationships that aren't completely sexual are frowned upon. In fact, mother, family, etc. are all words that disgust the people of BNW. When Bernard and Lenina see a mother nursing her child on the savage reservation, they are both nauseated by the sight. Children are "born" in the hatchery and are programmed for their future job. Their is no natural childbirth, no mothers, and no fathers. Conclusion The Savage Reservation is basically the antithesis of the World State. In many ways, the two different societies are complete opposites. They differ in many aspects, from free will to technology, and have few similarities. People from neither side could adjust easily to the other's way of life. The Savage People couldn't simply because they grow up with their customs and freedoms, that the World State would frown upon. The people of the BNW couldn't easily adjust because their life is engrained into them. They have no knowledge of what life is when they aren't controlled by the World State. They lack the knowledge of freedom so they detest the thought of gaining it. Savage Reservation Savage Vs. BNW Differences between the Savage Reservation and the BNW. "Civilized" The people of BNW live where there only focus is on what they do. So, they do not know where their food comes from or from what it is made. All they know is that it tastes good so they eat it. However, there is no mention of farmers or hunters, so their food is likely processed and synthetic.The only ritual that the people of BNW really have is the solidarity service, in which the participants work themselves in a sort of "religious" frenzy and then have an orgy. Controlled The people of BNW are basically controlled their whole lives. Before and immediately after birth, they are conditioned to love one job, so they will always be happy with there position in society. They are forced to listen to many different sayings in their sleep to the point at which the sayings become how they actually think. All they are allowed to know is specifics, as well. Knowledge of a general nature is strictly prohibited as the World Leaders don't want people to question the ways of the society. Free Will http://www.gurudongma.com/images/sikkim-darjeeling/Forest%20Village.jpg





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