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Spatial Order Paragraph

No description

Jesus Gomez

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Spatial Order Paragraph

Spatial Order Paragraphs It all begins with prepositions. A preposition is a word that connects
a noun or a pronoun to other
words in a sentence. next to


-in front of




-in back of

-to the left of

-to the right of

What is a spacial paragraph? You need to use these prepositions to create a spatial paragraph. A paragraph organized in spatial order describes a location. When you write a spatial order paragraph, you are telling details about a location at one moment in time. Do not tell a story! Before we find out what a spatial paragraph is, lets practice writing sentences that use prepositions. What does a spatial order paragraph look like? When we arrived at the park, I ran down to the edge of the water and looked all around me. From the sandy beach, I could clearly see the gray rocks of the distant cliffs on the opposite shore of the lake. Tall green trees rose around the cliffs, which dropped sharply to the far-off shoreline. The lake stretched in front of me, its cool blue waters looking inviting and fresh. On both sides of me, the pleasant beach gave way to deep, dark forest. “What a great place,” I thought. What is a spatial order paragraph? Your ticket out of class:
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