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Gummy Bear Lab

Mrs.Fletcher Period#2

Analysssia Scotland

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Gummy Bear Lab

by: Analyssia Scotland
period #2 Pictures!!! Measurements Summary: Hypothesis and Conclusion: Hypothesis: I think that when leave the gummy bears are left for 48 hours in distilled water the gummy bears will be discolored.they will become discolored , jello like and very easy to break apart. In conclusion I have documented a lot of change. one change is the color of the gummy bear. Another change is re texture, before the gummy was put into the water it was more of a rough feel and now it has more of squishy feel to it. the length width and height has changed and because it expanded in the cup it has now increased in volume and height and width. Gummy Bear Lab! Conclusion :The conclusion of the gummy bear lab was just as I had originally predicted . when i moved the gummy bears from the water they felt really jello like and even a piece had been chipped off because I did not hold it properly.
Log of steps : pick 2 different colored gummy bears
get a cup and fill it with distilled water (rain water)
leave the gummy bears for 2 days (48hrs)
observe the gummy bears over the next 2 days
after 2 days measure length width height and volume of the gummy bears
record change
repeat but change a variable (color used)
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