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Akshay Presentation

No description

Nishant Jacob

on 22 September 2012

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Transcript of Akshay Presentation

meet Ram Ram wants to be able to pay his bills... But, he also wants to have a meaningful life So that when is time is up, he doesn't feel like he gave up on his dreams But Ram has a problem, he feels like he doesn't have the time to pay the bills AND chasing his next dream of traveling the world. Awww, don't worry Ram we can help you work it all out! Lets break this down, Ram feels like he's only got 24 hours in a day, that's barely enough time to pay the bills! What if you could get more results in less time? Hold Up!!! How on earth does Ram get more done in less time? Let's start with his work at his sales job. Currently Ram puts in a 12 hours a day at his sales job. Together we take the challenge to bring it down to 9 hours Well, this free time would enable Ram to live his traveling dream We go right ahead and challenge Ram's approach to work, by exploring how else we could get the job done and what other resources are available? With those questions in mind, a quick google search reveals a resource called virtual assistants who could do administrative and simple tasks for you We also decided to look through his best sales deals, categorize what is common among them and see how he can repeat it more often By implementing these "hacks" and a few others Ram not only reduced the hours he had to work but also got more results Not bad! Ram set a bold goal, challenged his own approach with a few clever hacks, and took a few little bets to test out the ideas. And guess what, hacking doesn't just have to be work related.
Ram also wants a meaningful life remember,
and traveling abroad was one of his ways to achieve that! Currently Ram has only traveled abroad on work and he thinks a leisure trip will cost at least Rs 50,000. Together we take the challenge of Ram taking his first leisure trip abroad in just Rs 30,000, We challenge his current approach by doing a quick google search on people who've solved a similar challenge, like back packers. Last but not least, we invite Ram's friend Sham to come along, and the room expenses are cut in half! As he leaves for his holiday, Ram's future has never looked brighter because he knows there is a library of hacks that will help him, his team and his organization do more with less time, and achieve their dreams more effectively. Hack a personal challenge just like Ram did when you join us at a mini-hack challenge! Don't forget to click on the link! Now imagine him applying a whole library of hacks to any other area where he wants to get more done in less time. We find that return tickets to Thailand on Air Asia are 10 grand, a 3 star hotel on agoda.com for 5 days is also 10 grand, and a couple of blogs reassure him that 4-6 grand are enough for food and refreshments
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