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Transitional words and phrases

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Jessica Tomberlin

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of Transitional words and phrases

Smooth changes from one idea to the next.
Transitional Words and Phrases
Transitional Words
therefore consequently
accordingly finally
lastly also
meanwhile furthermore
in other words in addition
however similarly
besides nevertheless
on the contrary such
after all likewise

Example 1:
To plant similar trees,
on the other hand,
could result in one disease wiping out all the trees on the block.

Example 2:
Skateboarding is prohibited in certain public areas.
As a result,
many skaters use designated skating areas and are working hard to convince the city council to build more skate parks.
Transitions in a sentence
Establish a clear relationship.
Smooth transitions between paragraphs are very important for maintaining coherence.
Transitions Between
the employees arrive in the morning, the building is empty. It is
that the janitor can clean thoroughly.
Chronological Order
Spatial Order
Example 1:
One example
of Greek tragedy is Antigone.

Example 2:
Most insects have very short life spans.
For instance,
the fruit fly can expect to complete its life cycle in less than 48 hours.
Introducing Example
Example 1:
Cinco de Mayo is celebrated differently in the United States than in Mexico.

Example 2:
In general,
the phenomenon of the Bermuda Triangle is believed to be coincidental.
1. We wanted to go to a movie, ___________ the theater
was closed.

2. Joey's car was full of gas, ___________ we drove it to the

3. The ballet did not impress the students. ________, the
break dancers were a big hit.

4. We visited Phoenix, Tucson, and Albuquerque, Santa Fe,
and ___________, Las Vegas.

5. Some chili receipes do not include kidney beans.
_______ would be the traditional West Texas chili.
Exercise 1
Imagine you are playing music at a dance party. Your goal is to keep the dance floor filled with happy people. To do this, you must keep the beat and the energy going from one song to the next.

Because people often decide to sit down when there is an awkward break between songs.
If you make a smooth transition, the dancing never stops.

When writing an essay, transitions are just as important. You are trying to keep your readers reading, and that means making smooth transitions between words and ideas within sentences, between sentences, and between paragraphs.
the wall, there is a dresser.
On top of
the dresser is where Brad keeps his spare change.
Order of Importance
Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny day, but
more importantly
, it was my birthday.
Comparison and Contrast
Example 1:
The book Of Mice and Men begins with George and Lennie walking through the woods.
In contrast,
the movie begins with a woman in a red dress running through a field.
Introducing Contradictions
Example 1:
The storm continued to toss the ship and managed to snap off the tip of the mast.
In spite of this
, they sailed on, desperate to reach Hawaii.

Example 2:
Growers have recently marketed prunes as dried plums.
, most people still refer to them as prunes.
Exercise 2
6. It rained all morning. We went to the park.
(Begin the second sentence with a transition word that introduces contradiction).

7. The company wants to hire experienced
employees. Those people with no experience
need not apply.
(Combine these sentences using a cause and effect transition word.

8. Sylvia greeted all of her guests at the door.
She seated them at the dinner table.
(Combine these sentences using a transition word that shows chronological order.)

9. Bob Marley used Sly and Robbie for a
rhythm section. Peter Tosh recorded with
Sly and Robbie on at least one of his
(Begin the second sentence with a transitions word that shows comparison and contrast. )

10. We kept adding water to the
paint. It was too thin to use.
(Begin the second sentence with a transition word used for concluding.)
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