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Ally Mosley Red Bull 2.O

No description

Ally Mosley

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Ally Mosley Red Bull 2.O

Ally Mosley
Red Bull 2.0 Red Bull Rail Jam Wings... Where: Mt Hotham
When: Anytime between July-September
Target Audience: 20-29, Grom Section
Why: Red Bull and the snow are a perfect mix. Rail jams are simple to set up and relatively easy to execute. They draw large crowds given their accessibility, and fit perfectly into our demographic. I believe the target audience at Mount Hotham has stronger synergy with the Red Bull audience than other mountain audiences and would offer substantially greater opportunities to deliver an easily executed and measured event. Having previously worked at Mt Hotham I am familiar with the mountain and its marketing/ media team and feel confident that they would support a strategically aligned activity which could be leveraged at low cost through social media, on mountain operator and athlete support

Although September would be a better time for the resort as they are eager to extend visitation, August would provide more reliable snow, access to athletes and the possibility of higher on mountain spectators.

- EV would provide main source of music and MC
- Wings team would attend to sample cans and generate vibe across the mountain
- GoPro's would be given to participants to document their moves. I would also be reporting on the event with the use of photograhy, video cameras and written reports. Red Bull supporting, Kangaroo Hoppet X-Country Skiing Where: Falls Creek
When: Saturday 25th August
Target Audience: Super fit Cross Country Skiiers
Why: The 42 km Kangaroo Hoppet appeals to our stance of Red Bull being a functional Energy Drink. As Cross Country Skiing is incredibly strenuous. The use of 50/50 Red Bull and water would be crucial in the process of reinforcing the message that Red Bull is a functional Energy Drink.
-Few Sponsors Currently, hence room for us to dominate
-Event would be documented through moving images, ie GoPros on some competitors. I would also operate a camera.
- Outside our usual box of Downhill Ski and Board
- Activities the week leading up to the race in Mt Beauty would be another fantastic opportunity for us to get involved in sampling and have a general presence.
- Opportunity to target a wider demographic of health conscious consumers Red Bull Skate Park Tour Where: Skateparks across Vic, especially regional
When: Anytime
Target Audience: Directed at EPC’s
How: Potentially could be organised with Vans ( I know someone from here who is keen!) Cost effective, high participation rate within the community
- There would be a pre organised schedule so that participants could have all information before hand
- Wings team could attend skate parks and hype up event
- Travel to more regional skate parks that wings team never reach as a result of mission times, ie Albury.
- Would get groms involved in a positive sense through prizes ect.
- Could also potentially have a Red Bull abandoned yard skate park set up. Large warehouse space with objects from construction sites, ie pipes, rails and various other objects found in construction sites. Indoors allows for skating in all conditions. Red Bull Base Drop Where: Uni Campuses
When: O-Week mid year
Target Audience: Uni Students interested in music
Why: Focusing on a culture direction which is often overlooked. Potential for everyone to get involved not just established DJ's . Cost effective, large concentration of students to get involved and watch.
How: Students will sign up to the competition on campus. SBM's will drive this. Wings team will also attend campuses to hype up event.
- Courtyard space where everyone can stop and listen.
- Multiple decks set up so there is a quick change over of DJ's. Potentially DJ'ing off against each other.
- Event would be photographed with images being sent to head office for potential website material. Having worked on the road as part of the wings team for 2 years I have gained a great understanding of what consumers want, not only in terms of our Red Bull products but what makes a successful event, especially those involving youth. I have had the opportunity to experience highly successful events across Australia. And whilst rare, I have also attended energy lacking, strategically poor promotions during my time with Red Bull. It is these sub-par events that I consider vital in strengthening the wings of Red Bull brand, especially in a progressive market where trends and one-off experiences often dictate a lifetime of buying habits. It is peoples loyalty that I wish to employ through event coordination. The skills I have gained from the completion of a Media and Communications major as well as various work experience positions, gives me a rigorous understanding of the requirements for the role of Events coordinator. Having studied Journalism for a year I also have strong skills in film editing (final cut pro) script writing, reporting and photography. These strengths would incorporate seamlessly into my daily delivery as the Red Bull Melbourne Events coordinator.
The following four execution snapshots demonstrate the skeleton of ideas that I have for 2013 and how I would deliver them. I would like to build this role and make it my own yet maintain an acute awareness and focus on the delivery of the key Red Bull messages through an events medium.
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