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Monitoring and Controlling

No description

Mahmoud Fathi

on 21 December 2014

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Transcript of Monitoring and Controlling

opposite sides of project
selection and planning.
Monitoring : is the collection, recording,
and reporting of project information
Control : uses the monitored data and
information to bring actual performance
into agreement with the Plan

planning what to do
checking on progress,
comparing progress to plan
taking corrective action to bring progress
Designing the Monitoring System
Identify the special characteristics of scope, cost, and time that need to be controlled in order to achieve the project goals
The project plan
It is essential to spend time up front designing the planning-monitoring-controlling process

Data Collection and Reporting
* Data Collecting

Frequency counts
Raw numbers
Subjective numeric ratings
Indicators and surrogates
Verbal characterizations
* Data Analysis
* Reporting and reports types
Status reports, Progress reports, Forecasts
Time/Cost reports, Variance reports

* Meeting
* Virtual Meetings , Reports,and Project Management

Monitoring and Controlling
The Project
Project Control
Control is the act of reducing difference between plan and actuality

Control has the primary purpose of ensuring that the project is in compliance with its objective

Active control is needed to bring performance, schedule, and cost in line with the plane

Purpose of Control
1-The Stewardship of Organizational assets
Physical control
Human resources control
Financial Control
2- The use of these assets to bring project actuality into conformance with the plan
Designing The Control System
The primary purpose of control system is to correct errors
The control system should exert control to the degree required to achieve its objective
It is best to avoid annoying people whose corporation is needed to reach project goal
There are 3 mechanisms by which the PM exerts control :

- process review : is directed to an analysis of the process of reaching the project objectives
- Personnel assignment : this approach should be used carefully
- Resource allocation :
Components of Control System
Decision Maker

Types Of Control System
Go / No-Go Control
Post Controls (Performance Reviews
Tools for Controls
Variance Analysis
Earned Value
Trend Projection
Critical Ratio (CR)
- Schedule ratio and Cost ratio
- Schedule ratio = Actual Progress / scheduled progress
- Cost ratio = budgeted cost / Actual cost
- CR = (actual progress/scheduled progress) x (budgeted cost/actual cost)
Earned Value
Is a project management technique for measuring project perforamance and make progress in an objective manner
Ev : earned value
Ac : actual cost
PV : planed cost
CPI : Cost performance index
Equation : EV\AC
SPI : schedule performance index
Equation : EV \PV

Case Study
Scope Creep and Change Control
New technologies and materials become available, new requirements and needs become apparent, and these lead to changed projects.

The best approach is for the PM to set up a well - controlled, formal process whereby such changes can be introduced and accomplished with as little distress as possible.

This process is known as the change control system .

The purpose of this system

The process of controlling change is not complicated
St.Dismas Assisted Living Facility
- The Construction manager Mr. Kyle Nanno decide to hold meeting every week since Construction began.
- At the meeting Kyle invites
Representative of construction company
Facilities manager
Security manager Mr.Frank Gaggy
- After each meeting Kyle emails minutes of meeting and action item list to every member of construction team, AlF Steering team also send it to Mr.Fred Splient president of St.Dismass
- Construction project update presented at April 11,2001 meeting
- Kyle went to Mr.Fred office
- Discussion about Parking lot construction
- Mr.Fred's recommendations
- Hair Salon problem

Question 1
What do you think the construction project manager should have done when the Director of Security stopped attending the project meetings?

It is necessary for any successful project/team the being of a communications system between manger and the members of the team to keep them informed

The construction project manager( Kyle Nanno)should deliver message to the Director of Security.

If he does not respond within the deadline date :-
1-take disciplinary action
2-the other member give their input into the security panel location decision

Question 2
Do you think it is an effective communications tool to send the construction project meeting minutes to the ALF steering team and the President?
It is an effective especially as the project nears completion However, the Steering Team and the President do not need the level of detail deeply.
If details of a project are provided

Question 3
How much time has to be made up for the original, baseline schedule to be met?
The Gantt chart in the case has been updated as of 4/11/01.
The project shows a finish date variance of 14 days.
The project as a whole is 14 days behind schedule.
They ran 15 days late on Phase 1 of the project.
The project was 14 days early on both Phase 2 and Phase 3 of the project.
Question 4
Develop an action plan and draw a Gantt chart for the Parking Lot phase of the project. Answer Fred’s questions.
If everything goes as scheduled the Gantt chart for the Parking Lot construction would look as follows:
If St. Dismus did not hear from the city until May 1, 2001, the Gantt chart would be adjusted as follows: (New end date for the project would be 6/12/01.)
Question 5
What information does Fred need to make a decision about building a hair salon?
Fred need :-
1- a complete business plan with a cost benefit analysis and return on investment for this

2-Fred must determine the impact that this would have on the construction project.

3-He must identify the additional costs, changes necessary to the design and schedule.

Thank You
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