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Volumetric Fad Diet

No description

Dimitrius Bright

on 25 June 2014

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Transcript of Volumetric Fad Diet

With the updated "My Plate" guide, the volumetric diet does not really center around or follow the guidelines. The diet is packed with fruits and veggies but lacks meats and dairies.
My Plate
The most hearty, effective, and in my opinion tasty food to eat at anytime on this diet is a salad. With mixed friuts, veggies, and a dash of Itiain dressing this meal can add up to be a tasty and quick meal or snack for on the go.
Other Info
With the Volumetric fad diet, you can lose weight, stay full, and live a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, you don't exactly get all the nutrients you need to function. The main source of nutrients you typically miss is dairy. It is recommended that you get you get your recommended intake of dairy along with your diet.
With this diet you can pretty much eat anything and still lose weight as long as you set you "anytime foods" and your "sometime foods". Some anytime food would consist of nuts, tomatoes, cucumbers, whole grains, strawberries, water chestnuts, watermelon, pineapple, eggs, broccoli, and much much more. With the sometime foods you must limit yourself to about 3 meals a week with meals like burgers, pizzas, and all the other stuff we have come to as American culture.
The volumetric diet claims to be a diet that will allow you to eat more food, still be full, and lose more weight.
If I were to know a person that was looking for results in an effective diet and did not mind forgoing some quality food, then I would recommend they try the volumetric diet. I would warn them about the lack of meat and dairy products as well though.
The volumetric diet is also centered around the idea of cheapness. The diet, unlike some other weight loss plans, does not require any special pill or super foreign food and expensive food that taste like cat litter. The only thing it requires is a consents at the grocery store and when on the move when comes to your food choices.
This diet does not exactly promote exercise because the commitment is mainly for food. I does recommend going for a 30 minute walk at least once every two days but it is not mandatory. With no exercise you will lose 2-3 pounds a week, I would imagine you might lose more exercising, but I'm not sure if I personally good at eating nuts and having the energy to workout.
Volumetric Fad Diet
By: Dimitrius Bright

The method of the volumetric diet is to eat fruits and vegetables with lots of water and energy instead of getting full of foods full of fat and sugars.
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