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United Way Organizational Structure

No description

Beth Schweer

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of United Way Organizational Structure

United Way Organizational Structure
4-H of Cape Girardeau County
Arts Council of Southeast Missouri
Big Brothers Big Sisters
Boy Scouts
Community Caring Council-Parent Education
Girl Scouts
LIFE After School Programming
New Vision Counseling
Read to Succeed
River Corridor Connections
Salvation Army-Youth Development
Success By 6
THRIVE 40 Developmental Assets
APPLE Paperwork Service
Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA)
Hoover Eldercare
Hope Children's Home
Jackson Senior Center
Lutheran Family & Children's Services
Senior Counseling
Safe House for Women
Samaritan Regional Health Clinic
4-Sight Counseling
Amen Center
American Red Cross
Community Caring Council-Case Manager
First Call for Help
Habitat for Humanity
Jackson Ministerial Alliance
Lutheran Family & Children's Services
Public School Children's Fund
Salvation Army
Emergency Services
Meals with Friends
Scott City Ministerial Alliance
SEMO Food Bank-Backpacks for Friday
Read to Succeed Advisory Board
Staff: 10
Volunteers: 200
Chair: Jeanne Muckeman
Members: 47
Success By 6 Leadership Team
Sharon Anderson: Cape Public Library
Kay Azuma: Community Caring Council
Ruth Campbell: Southeast Missourian
Carrie Mott: Safe House for Women
Barbara Davis: EMAA Head Start
Board of Directors
Dr. Ron Anderson
Jason Banderman
Trae Bertrand
Tom Davisson
Dr. Ken Dobbins
Chris Edmonds
Rhett Hendrickson
Tim Ingram
Darrick Johnson
Dr. Jim Welker
Mark Hanko
Lee Schlitt
Brian Gerau
Funded Partners
President/Treasurer: Kevin Greaser
Vice-President: Donna Denson
Rev. Howard McGee
John Mehner
Scott Meyer
Dr. Dennis Means
Dr. Stuart McIntosh
Connie Werner
Pastor Phil Roop
Diann Bradshaw-Ulmer
Dr. Shonta Smith
Jay Wolz
Wayne Wallingford
Jane Myers
Finance Committee
Campaign Committee
Community Impact Committee
Executive Director: Nancy Jernigan
Director of Community Development: Melissa Stickel
Director of Donor Relations: Heather Brune
Read to Succeed Program Director: Monique Johnson
LIFE Initiative Coordinator: Jo Peukert
Success By 6 Coordinator: Janice Jones
Parent Liason (CHS): Dusha Cecil
Donor and Community Development Support: Beth Schweer
Financial Stability Partnership
Co-chair: Denise Wimp
Co-Chair: Jaime Ludwig
Area service providers
Income Task Force
Opportunity Community
Melissa Stickel
Jaime Ludwig
Natalie Sandoval
Denise Wimp
Nancy Jernigan
First Call for Help Advisory Board

Executive Committee
Youth United Way
Campus United Way
GRACES Women's Council
Collective Community Impact-Education
Board Committees
Governs organization
Board Officers & Committee Chairs (meets monthly)
Reviews financial statements, budget, and audit (meets quarterly)
Develops and implements strategies for annual fundraising campaign
Reviews Community impact Agenda and
vets new ideas (meets monthly)
Developed in 1998; Reforming to develop plan for integrated service delivery system (meets monthly and includes quarterly Case Manager meeting)
Developed in 1999; Early childhood professionals who work to improve the quality of early care and education
Neighbors and Navigators; Support system designed to help move people out of poverty by increasing access to community resources
Asked to identify strategies for UW to invest in to increase the number of self-sufficient families
High School students from Cape, Jackson, Notre Dame, and Saxony
Southeast Missouri State University Students
Betty Martin
Cindy Seyer
Gaylon Smith
Jim Hicks
Jim Watkins
President/Treasurer: Kevin Greaser
Vice-President: Donna Denson
GRACES Chair: Jeanne Muckerman
Secretary: Nancy Jernigan
Community Impact Committee Chair: Rhett Hendrickson
Campaign Chair
Kevin Greaser
Bob Basler
Tony Balsano
Jeff Stroder
Tom Higgins
Nancy Jernigan
Jason Bandermann
Jane Myers
Heather Brune
Campaign Chair
Campaign Ambassadors
Chair: Rhett Hendrickson
Alan Foust
Chris Edmonds
Dr. Dennis Means
Donna Denson
Dr. Stuart McIntosh
Trae Bertrand
Howard McGee
Jane Myers
Wayne Wallingford
Kay Azuma
Darrick Johnson
Mark Hanko
Paul Short
Robin Cole
Dr. Shonta Smith
Tim Arbeiter
Tim Ingram
Jay Wolz
Tim Woodard
Chair: Elia Lopez
Charlie Herbst
Chad Hartle
Phil Roop
Dr. Dennis Means
Jaime Ludwig
June O'Dell
Kevin Greaser
Dr. Michael Parker
Natalie Sandoval
Shelly Moore
Dr. James Stapleton
Tammy Tankersley
Tim Arbeiter
United Way Staff

MO Mentoring Partnership
Adult Learning Center
Division of Youth Services
New Vision Counseling
Career & Technology Center
Develops comprehensive approach to implement community wide impact strategies serving youth through age 21
All Education Funded Partners
Juvenile Department
Police Department
Jackson Schools
Cape Public Schools
Secretary: Nancy Jernigan
GRACES Chair: Jeanne Muckerman
Telephone help line
Provides opportunities for women to become engaged in the community and strengthen families
Kevin Sexton
Nancy Jernigan
Ruth Dockins
Karen McDougall
Sam Roethemeyer
Mrs. Carolyn Ford Bock
Dr. Sherry Copeland
Dr. Rhonda Dunham
Dr. Sydney Herbst
Mrs. Nancy Jernigan
Dr. Barbara Kohlfeld
Mrs. Linda Means
Dr. Ruth Ann Orr
Dr. Adelaide Parsons
Dr. Debra Porter
Mrs. Christa Turner
Dr. James Welker

EPIC (Substance Abuse Coalition)
Southeast Missouri State University
ECHO (Early Childhood Organization)
Nancy Jernigan
Lillian Martin: Community
Charla Myers: First Steps
Nicole Piper: Child Care Aware
Eloise Hudson: EMAA Head Start
Robin Koetting: Workshop on Wheels (SEMO)
Stephanie Ellinger: Parents As Teachers Cape Public Schools
Deena Ring: Cape Girardeau Public Schools
Mary Gosche: University of MO Extension
Robyn Snodgrass: Missouri Mentoring

Program Director: Dr. Monique Johnson
Program Coordinator: Janice Jones
Program Director: Denise Wimp
Navigator Support
Becky Atwood, Adult Learning Center
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