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Digital Marketing Project with DIT

No description

Rachel Kennedy

on 27 August 2013

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Transcript of Digital Marketing Project with DIT

The development and design of infographics and monthly reports for Suntico users
To design useful customer infographics based on accounting data uploaded to Suntico.
Project Title
• Provide user with a useful, fun insight into their data immediately upon signup.

• Provide user with monthly reports

• Engage the user

• Entice users to use system regularly

Design of infographic template (initial, monthly and one off templates)
Determine what is included in the reports. You are limited only by your imagination e.g.
 Your best month of sales was X
 Your average days to pay = X
 Average invoice amount = €x

Financial information
 most liked user
 busiest user
 most popular posts
 most popular trending words
Social aspects
We will have a wealth of information from 1,000's of users and can use this for benchmarking, e.g.

- You are in the xth percentile for average days to get paid
- You are more productive than x% of the Suntico community (turnover/number of employees)
If you got paid x days earlier, you would increase your working capital by €x.
What ifs
Your days outstanding have decreased by X over the last x weeks!

That invoice that has been outstanding since last Christmas has been paid!
Triggers (for when something exceptional happens)
Develop rules/formulae for all of these metrics.

What determines who is the “most liked user” and “days outstanding”?
Explore what Business Intelligence tools are commercially available to create these infographics
Document your design and metric rules for our programming team so they can turn your vision into reality
and if you get bored...
Our most basic subscription metrics are
• number of users signed up on the subscription
• whether or not their data is uploaded
• days since log in
• days since update (are they just reading data, not engaging with the social aspects).

But how do we determine our best customer? It will be a combination of the four elements. Can we weight the elements and formalize it to get one number?
Is it possible to put a value on this project?
You will not only learn about data analysis, you will also design beautiful ways to display the results.

You will find out what metrics are important to us and to our users, and you will logically develop those metrics.
Why choose this project?
If so, how?
If customers are more engaged (how do you measure engagement?)
Will they sign up for another year?
If you are a number crunching creative designer then this project is for you.
Your ideas, research, logic and design will be used to develop a tangible and valuable tool that will be implemented.
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