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The history of imperialism in Sudan

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cameron ourdoune

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of The history of imperialism in Sudan

The history of imperialism in Sudan
Before Imperialism
During Imperialism
After Imperialism
* After Britain and Egypt leave, a civil war breaks out between the Islamic north and the Christian south.
Why did Great Britain colonize Africa?
Why the British invaded
They wanted to stop the French, Germans, and Italians advances in Africa
They wanted more land
Wanted some control over the Nile
Wanted resources such as: cotton, precious metals, diamonds, and marble
Already had control over Egypt, Libya, Kenya, and Uganda (land around Sudan)
Sudan is the giant pink one in the north east of Africa
The End
Thank You
Great Britain imperialized/colonized parts of Africa because they wanted more land, resources, influence, and to stop the advances of the Italians, French and Germans.
Ethnic Groups: Noba Nomads, Makorae, Makuria, Arabians, Egyptians, and many other tribes
Languages: Old Nubian, Tribal dialects, Arabic
Culture: varied tribal, nomadic
Political and Economical structure: tribalism
South Sudan's flag to the left and North Sudan's flag to the right
At this momment Sudan is split up into two countries. They are currently going through a civil war that includes a genocide and their economy is among the worst in Africa if not the world.
1820-21--1882 Egyptian Ottomans conquer Sudan
1881-1889 Mahdist War (taxation and representation)
1883 End of Egyptian rule
1883 Sudan enters Mahdist period of rule (strictly Muslim)
1889 Britain and Egypt labeled Sudan as Anglo-Egyptian Sudan
1898 Mahdist lost control to Britain (Three years after the Berlin Conference
1899 Back to Anglo Egyptian rule (freedom of religion) and two separate territories (North and South)
1942 Britain began preparing the north for self rule
1946 They tried to integrate the north and south under one government
* Egypt comes back and tries to place Islamic laws on Sudan
* South Sudan revolts and Egypt leaves
* Sudan's president tries to impose Islamic laws on Sudan
* The south revolts again leading to the president getting overthrown in 1985
* for the next four years various military groups controlled the government
*Then Omar Bashir, the leader of the coup, is appointed president
After Imperialism Continued
*At this point the civil war has lasted two decades (ended 2005)
*The Egyptian revolution ended the British occupation in Sudan
*1956 Sudan gained its independence
*South Sudan got its independence on July 9th, 2011
*As of 2013 it has one of the worst economies and is also one of the poorest countries in Africa
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