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MapData Services

Ozri Presentation

Matt Brunsdon

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of MapData Services

Cassandra Barker (MapData Services)
Peter Markham (Earthmine Australia) Your GIS dreams
are now a reality MapData Services
Who we are and what we do

Mobile Community Engagement

Street level 3D mapping solution Agenda Who we are... For more than 14 years, MapData Services has carved out a niche in the digital mapping and data market.

We have forged a reputation in Australia and New Zealand as the leading provider of authoritative data and intelligent mapping solutions. What we do... We partner with the best, to provide to many
of the largest organisations within the
Asia Pacific region What is CitySourced Real time mobile and web based community engagement platform

Empowers the public and mobile workforce to identify civic and infrastructure issues

Delivers a mobile reporting solution for Smartphone users Why use CitySourced Allows government and other service providing companies to provide a service to the community

Allows the public to report issues with a 360 feedback loop

Improve Transparency & Accountability Improve Responsiveness CitySourced – How it fits together Demo Unique street level 3D mapping solution Earthmine Solution A truly scalable, affordable, and easy-to-use
mobile 3D mapping solution. Core Technology Collection Rail Pedestrian areas Data 32 megapixels Higher density than LiDAR < 1 Meter Globally 2-50cm depending on range Mobile Mapping Technology Many types of mobile mapping solutions… which one is right for GIS? Data storage / management?
Global (GPS) and relative (measurement) accuracy?
Image quality and resolution? Data distribution and application integration?
Employee training?
Cost / re-use value? GIS Application Requirements 6.5x less data per km than LiDAR + Imagery. Highly optimized for large scale projects and regular updates.

< 1m Global 3D point accuracy, and centimeter precise measurements. Ideally suited for infrastructure and asset management applications.

Highest image resolution and image quality on the market, ideal for assessing condition of assets and infrastructure.

Web-based architecture for web, desktop, and mobile distribution, as well as software plug-ins and extensions for GIS.

Cost comparable to imagery only solutions, 3D features similar to leading LiDAR systems. Superior value for GIS, infrastructure, and asset management. Summary The only web-based mobile 3D mapping solution on the market.

Truly scalable data collection, processing, hosting solution.

Superior image quality and resolution with 3D data for every pixel.

Sub-meter global accuracy with centimeter accurate measurements.

Seamless integration with desktop GIS as well as web services.

Customisable using fully featured and documented developer tools.

Fastest way to gather detailed spatial data on a large scale.

Usable by anyone, little to no training required.

Lowest overall cost per Km. CitySourced
Mobile and collaborative platform
Empowers stakeholders – public
Leverages the power of ArcGIS – leading the world in geo-spatial technology

collect, process and deliver a truly scalable, affordable, and easy-to-use mobile 3D mapping solution
unique street level 3d mapping solution Recap Learn more about how CitySourced & Earthmine can make YOUR GIS dreams a reality

Visit the MDS booth to catch up with the team at MDS & Earthmine Australia

Ask for a demonstration

Visit our website – www.mapdataservices.com Want to Find Out More!
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