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The UCR Bell Tower

No description

Olivia Hao

on 8 September 2013

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Transcript of The UCR Bell Tower

The UCR Bell Tower
The History and facts of UCR Bell Tower
The Bell Tower also known as the Carillon Bell Tower.
Dedication from former U.C. Regent Philip Boyd and his wife Dorothy in 1966.
The Bell Tower is 161 ft. tall.
modern architectural style.
48 tuned brass bells purchased from Paccard Bell Foundry in Marseilles, France
The bells weigh ranges between 28-5,091 lbs.
Took 9 months to build.
suggested by Professor of Music William Reynolds
How the Bell Tower works
A carillon is an instrument that contains at least 23 bells.
Carillonneur plays different tunes on bells
Our current carillonneur is David Christensen, who learned how to play the instrument from the first carillonneur, Lowell Smith.
Christensen has been playing the carillon for 26 years. He held over 500 concerts
The bell tower on our campus strikes automatically every hour.
Concerts are usually held twice a quarter .
Concerts are mainly Broadway tunes-My Fair Lady, Guys and Dolls
archive available online of song list
last concert was May 18, 2013
Center of Students' Life
The Bell Tower stand on the center of the main campus, making itself a very important and meaningful social spot for students.
Youtube has numerous videos of different student-held events in front of the bell tower
Events that are held include dance contests, club recruiting, protest, speeches. (one man held a religious sermon…...)

Bell Tower Fun Facts
Belltower has a Twitter page
Every hour it posts number of “Bongs” to match the hour
Posts inspirational messages if requested
The Bell Tower was built in 1966, so 2016 would be it's 50 year anniversary.

If a student is ever in need of knowing the time and is without a cell phone or watch, all they have to do is wait for the Bell tower to chime the hour. Ever since it’s initial dedication in 1966, the bell tower has been the main source of attractions on UCR’s campus. Not only do students perform spirit rallys there sometimes, but the seasonal concerts are held in front of the tower (Springsplash and Block Party). In addition to striking every hour on the hour seven days a week, the UCR Belltower/Carillon (phonetic spelling on board) is also the center of the UCR campus and is the university’s landmark intended to be the college’s source of pride.
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