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USA Olympic Dream Team 1992

The greatest team ever assembled. 1992 USA olympic basketball team.

Wes Cole

on 5 December 2014

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Transcript of USA Olympic Dream Team 1992

1992 Olympic Dream Team
Wes, Caitlyn, Josh, & Anthony
Chuck Daly
Head Coach
Back to Back NBA champions with the Pistons
Top 10 greatest coaches of all time
Had Pancreatic Cancer and died from it.
Earvin "Magic" Johnson
Point guard.
32 years old
Averaged 8 points per game.
Michael Jordan
Shooting guard
29 years old
Averaged 14.9 points per game
Larry Bird
Power Forward
35 years old
Averaged 8.4 points per game
Charles Barkley
Power Forward.
29 years old
Averaged 18 points per game
Patrick Ewing
30 years old
Averaged 9.5 points per game
Magic Johnson
Michael Jordan
Larry Bird
Charles Barkley
Patrick Ewing
David Robinson
John Stockton
Scottie Pippen
Clyde Drexler
Chris Mullin
Karl Malone
Christian Laettner
Chuck Daly
USA 116 Angola 48
USA 103 Croatia 70
USA 111 Germany 68
USA 127 Brazil 83
USA 122 Spain 81
USA 115 Puerto Rico 77
USA 127 Lithuania 76
USA 117 Croatia 85
The Dream team went 6-0 in qualifying games and 8-0 in tournament play.
The team holds a record for the largest margin of victory... they beat Angolia 116-48.
Out of the 12 players on the Dream team, 11 of them are in the Hall of Fame.
The Dream Team was said to of have the best point guard, shooting guard, and small forward of all time.
The practices of the Dream Team Made headline in the news because of how physical and hard they went.
he was cool
The Greatest Team ever assembled
Larry Bird Michael Jordan Magic Johnson
People say he was more than a basketball coach... he was also a "life leader"
Leader of the team
33.1 million dollars a year.
The Olympic games were held in Barcelona.
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