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Tiffany Lam

on 15 January 2017

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Transcript of DRUGS

Substance abuse
Alcohol refers to drinks like beer, wine and spirits containing ethyl alcohol- a substance which can cause drunkenness and changes in consciousness, mood and emotions (Australia Government Department of Health, 2012). It is these intoxicating and psychoactive effects that lead to so many accidents, injuries, diseases and disruptions in family life.

Professor Mike Daube (2012) states that alcohol is factor in 90 percent of calls for police intervention during the hours of 10pm and 2am. This is using up a quarter of police resources nationally. The economic impact of alcohol misuse is costing Australia more than 14 billion dollars, including costs to the health system, law enforcement, lost productivity in work place and the pain and suffering to drinkers and their family and friends.

Alcohol is a
substance but there are limitations. These limitations are age, driving legislation, serving restrictions and ‘the carriage limit’ which is the maximum amount of alcohol a person is allowed to carry within an alcohol restricted area (Queensland Government, 2014).

Short term side effects of alcohol

-Alcohol poisoning
-Blurred Vision
-Slurred Speech

Long term side effects of alcohol

-Financial, work and social problems.
-Alcohol Dependency
-Alcohol Related Brain Injury
-Increase potential of different types of cancers
e.g.mouth, neck, bowel and breast.
-Cirrhosis and Liver Failure (Drinkwise Australia, 2014).

People under the influence of alcohol are more likely to be involved in accidents associated with falls, violence and intentional harm.

Set a limit.
Keep a diary of your drinking.
Drink slowly
Drink the recommended amount and only occasionally.
Stick to your plan and control your temptation.
To treat alcoholism the cause of the drinking needs to be identified and resolved. These may be physical or emotional triggers. There are many programs and treatment facilities set up to treat alcoholism.For help visit www.health.vic.gov.au .

The role family and friends is important but they sometimes cannot offer help initially for the fear of pushing their loved one away, during a confrontation or intervention. Each family is different and if there is any concern that stops you approaching your family member there are counselors that are there to help. To seek help talk to a counselor , doctor or health professional.

Once a person has started treatment they need the support and love of family and friends to help them through the hard time (Steven Gifford, 2014).

Reference List

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Gifford, S 2014, Family Involvement is Important in Substance Abuse Treatment, Psych Central, viewed on 1 September 2014, <http://www.psychcentral.com/lib/family-involvement-is-important-in-substance-abuse-treatment/0006631>.

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What is Alcohol?
Legal or Illegal?
Side Effects
Control Measures
Roles of family and friends
Rehabilitation and Treatment
illegal and legal

Substance abuse means drug abuse
This project will research four kinds of substance:
Alcohol, Heroin, Marijuana and Steroids
The main focus is to discover are the substances
legal and illgel to use
possible side effect of usage
control measures
rehab and treaments
roles of family and friends
also known as diamorphine, diacetylmorphine
made of opiate
one kind of strong opioid
it can be use as pain killer in surgeries
high death rate compare to other substance abuses
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