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Adjective clauses

Adjective clauses with object relative pronouns or "when" and "where"

Jiyoun Ko

on 3 November 2011

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Transcript of Adjective clauses

How to make relative clauses Exercise 8-B Pop-up quiz 1 Projections Hand-out answers Adjective clauses with object relative pronouns Strengths Weaknesses Adjective clauses Which is the most appropriate sentence to describe the picture? List the main stregths List the main weaknesses List the top opportunities List the main threats Adjective clauses with subject relative pronouns,
Adjective clauses with object relative pronoun or "when" and "where" Add some details Add some details Add some details How will you get the message out? 2013 2011 Launch Team ready Break even Beta out Exercise 5.
2. The office party is going to be at the restaurant which/that is across the street from the library.
3. I liked that speaker(,) who talked about optimists.
4. Bill and Sue aren't close friends with the Swabodas whose interests are very different from theirs.
5. I lent some chairs to the new neighbors, who are having a party tonight.
6. I'm watching an old video of Jason, which totally defines his personality.
7. My boyfriend, who is visiting Venezuela with some friends, left me a lot of plants to water. Homework Adjective clauses with "when" and "where" ! 1. find a common subject that both sentences are talking about

2. change one of the words to "who/that" or "which/that" depending on if it is human or not

3. put the relative clause after the word that is described by the relative clause

1. My neighbor who is an introvert called me today.
2. My neighbor, who is an introvert, called me today.
3. My brother, who is one year older than me is an extrovert.
4. My sister who lives in Toronto visits us every summer.
5. My friend, who is in the same class as me, lent me a book.
6. The book, which is about personality types, is really interesting.
7. The article that won a prize is in today's newspaper.
8. My boyfriend, who hates parties, actually agreed to go to one with me. 1. Introverts are people that get their energy by spending time alone.
2. Unlike extroverts, who love the small talk at noisy business meetings,
Nadia prefers private conversations.
3. Extroverts are people whose energy comes from being around others. Adjective clauses with object relative pronouns * subject
Eva is "a writer". + "She" was born in Poland. = Eva, who was born in Poland, is a writer.
* object
Eva is "a writer". + I saw "her" on TV.
= Eva, who(m) I saw on TV, is a writer.
* identifying/nonidentifying
* for people, "who(m)", "that", "0 (leave out)" can be used.
(ex) She's the writer whom/who/that/___ I met.
* the object of a preposition
(ex) He is "the writer". + I work for "him".
= He is the writer who(m) I work for.
"Where" for a place
(ex) That's the library where she works.
"When" for a time
(ex) I remember the day when I met him. 1. I am using a sentence which/that contains an adjective clause.
2. The man who(m)/that/ ___ I saw was Mr. Jones.
3. The meeting which/that/___ I went to was interesting.
The meeting to which I went was interesting.
4. I liked the composition which/that/ ___ you wrote.
5. She is the woman who(m)/that/ ___ I told you about.
She is the woman about whom I told you. 1. Do you remember "the story"? + We talked about "it" yesterday.
2. Do you remember "the story"? + We talked about "which/that" yesterday.
3. Do you remember the story which/that we talked about yesterday?
Do you remember the story about which we talked yesterday? make a summary note about what you have learned about adjective clauses. Pop-quiz 2 What's wrong with this?
She is the girl who I loved
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