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Sir Francis Drake

No description

Thomas D

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of Sir Francis Drake

Sir Francis Drake
later life
results of exploration
Some of Drake's accomplishments are,
He commanded two ships that attacked the Spanish.
He was the first Englishmen to navigate the strait of Magellan.
2nd person to sail around the world.
Drake was a pirate working for the government also known as a privateer for the queen.
He was an admiral in the british navy.
commanded a ship called the Judith at the age of 22.
He was the mayor of Plymouth for a time.
he was second in command in the attack against the Spanish armada which had about 160 ships.
attacked and destroyed spanish ports in the Caribbean.
Drake also made many successful trading voyages with the East Indies.
Sir Francis Drake was born in Tavistock, Devon. Drake was estimated to be born a bout 1540-1545. His Fathers name was Edmund Drake. Drake came from a sailing family his uncle gave tropical fruits to king Henry the VIII (8th). Sir Francis Drakes family was friends with Sir Walter Raleigh's family.
early influences and problems
Sir Francis Drake's uncle was a sailor . his uncle (John Hawkins)ran a slave trade. and Drake's first voyage was on a slave trade with John Hawkins. The spanish were Drake's lifelong enemy after his first slave trade where spanish ships sunk two slave ships, the spanish in turn thought of him as a pirate.
Fun Facts
as a result of Sir Francis Drake sailing around the world and sinking many spanish ships he was knighted. Drake also sailed around the world but not to be famous for sailing around the world he did it to attack spanish ships and ports without Sir Francis Drake the spanish empire would most likely be much bigger and might be in control of some of the U S. Also in sailing around the world he brought back about 2 tons of silver and 110 pounds of gold (47,000 pounds $127,944,346.84 in today's American money. Without Sir Francis Drake things would not be the same for many British people and the British probably would not own as much land as they did
Sir Francis Drake died in fifteen ninety six in an attack near Panama of a fever right before the battle. In fifteen eighty five Drake Sailed to the new world and settled there between attacks on the Spanish. He became the Mayor of Plymouth at a time. Near Sir Francis Drake death he captured the fort of San Augustin. No one knows how old he was when he died because no one knows his exact birth date.
Sir Francis Drake and John Hawkins commanded an attack on the Spanish armada. They led a fleet of 150 ships to attack the 200 ships in the Spanish armada. The Spanish lost about 20,00 of their original 30,000. Drake had three nicknames the dragon, el Draque and seadog. Sir Francis Drake was actually not knighted by the Queen of England he was knighted by the King of France.
this is a map of Sir Francis Drake's travels.
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