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Monday, September 25th

No description

William Barber

on 25 September 2017

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Transcript of Monday, September 25th

M: In your seat
V: level 0
P: Answer on your new DO NOW sheet.

Q: Does our country measure with meters normally? If not what do we normally use to measure length?
Mini Lesson.
Practice using the measurements you collected with converting all of your numbers.

How will we convert these numbers?

How tall are you in KM? DM? HM?

Practice using the ladder on the white board.
How do we analyze data?
-How do we analyze? What does it mean to analyze data?

Work Period
1. Finish converting all of your measurements.

2. When completed answer the following analysis questions.
1. Did we find any similarities with the measurements?
2. Was there a difficult measurement to take?
3. How is measuring with centi-meters different than inches?
Share out:

What were some similarities or common trends we found in our data?

If questions aren't finished complete for homework.
Monday, September 25th
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