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Savanna Biome

A 6th Grade Group Of Students, Environmental Sciences Class of PMS Shares About Their Project Of Doing A Savanna Biome

Brooklyn Gibson

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of Savanna Biome

What Kinds of animals live in the Savanna?
Take a trip to the Savanna!!!
The Savanna is home to lots of amazing animal life. Some you may even know! Here are some examples of the amazing wildlife animals that call the African Savanna "home"
What Kind Of Clothes Can I Wear In This Savanna

While vacationing in a Savanna, it is important to dress properly so you can be comfortable, and able to explore. Some examples of proper clothes to wear in a savanna would be
Tank tops would not be recommended for too much exposure to the savanna sun is very unsafe
Where Would I Be Staying?
There are lot of activities that can be done in a savanna, especially the Masai Mara, in Kenya. For example:
You could go on a safari
You could go sightseeing on all the many wonderful sights to see in Kenya's savanna
You could go rafting
You can enjoy international cuisine
You can enjoy fine grub prepared ny the safari chef by a campfire
You can visit the Masai Mara National Park to see the wonderful animals
You can also view the wonderful tribal life
What Activities Could I Do In This Savanna?
Tribal life is all around Africa in a couple of villages. If you could get a chance on your free time while visiting this wonderful Savanna, maybe you stop by the tribal people. They dance, sing, and can give you a few presents!
Viewing The Tribal Life...

By: Brooke, Chelsea, Logan and Sara, Brie
What Savanna Would I Be Going To???!?
A spectacular savanna to visit is the Masai Mara in Africa.
The Masai Mara Serena Lodge would be a perfect hotel to stay in.
Here is an inside look on the hotel:
A nice living room to lounge in
A very nice bedroom to sleep in. Sweet dreams!!
A nice pool for relaxation
Dine in the sun while looking at nature
End your day with a warm campfire
What Kind Of Dangers Should I Be Aware of?
The rays of the sun- To prevent the rays of the sun from your delicate eyes, use sunblock always and wear a wide brimmed hat always
Malaria- This is a deadly disease caused by a mosquito bite. to prevent this disease always have Tylenol, Chloroquine and Quinine handy
Dehydration- to avoid dehydration always have a bottle of water handy
Watch out for robbers and mobs- In case you witness, locate the nearest police. But never yell "ROBBER!"
What Kind of Weather is in this area?
The Savanna gets very little rainfall
It can get from 10 degrees to 90 degrees Fahrenheit
It only gets 10-30 inches per year
The Savanna gets much humidity throughout the year
What Kinds of plants are in this area

The Masai Mara has a lot of fascinating plants. They each have their own uniqueness. The Bermuda Grass grows where there are frequent disturbances such as grazing, flooding and fire. The Elephant Grass grows on lake beds and rivers
What kinds of plants are in this area
Some other plants in the savanna are:
Candelabra tree
Gum tree Eucalyptus
Jackal berry tree
Jarrah tree
Kangaroo pow
Monketti tree
River bush willow
Whistling thorn
Umbrella Thorn Acacia
Acacus tortillis
Clay thorned bushveld
Mixed Bushveld
Sweet Lowveld bushveld
senegal gum
You could really consider the African Savanna for you next vacation!
Yours truly,
Brooke, Brie, Logan, Sara, and Chelsea
The Tribal Life
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