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Vidyo - Skype squared

28 march 2011

Petra Dickhaut

on 28 March 2011

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Transcript of Vidyo - Skype squared

Vidyo - Skype squared Examples at Tilburg University Conference Facility Services aula (Wilko Elsinga) Active distance learning (Petra Heck) Telewerken (Karen Leurs) Cooperation Co-authors (Thomas Mosk, Jens Prüfer) Outreaching programm (Anne van Nunen (SA Prof. Vianen)) On campus facility meetings (LIS-AS employees, Corno Vromans) Nieuwe manier van denken gericht op:
Tijdsbesparing en dus kostenbesparing
Innovatie en productiviteit verbetering Petra Dickhaut
Cas Egelie

LIS - Academic Services Presenteren:
Pilot Multipoint Video Conferencing
Product Vidyo Maar presenteren vooral een nieuwe manier van denken!
In samenwerken, vergaderen, bijeenkomsten
internationaal en op de campus What's different? We now can connect through multipoint video:
every person with a laptop, desktop or smartphone
with at least (wired) ADSL connection
where ever in the world
easily, up to 8 persons
full screen, fluent voice Full-screen, so what? 65% of our communication is non-verbal
Lost with telephone conferences
Significant lost with stamp size screen Demo Pilot project Collaboration Opportunities To get as close as possible to the quality and the natural process of face-to-face contact and communication Research Collaboration Job interviews Participant doctoral board from NY City University (Dhr. Grossman) Distance Learning Improved Student Collaboration Administrative Efficiency Active distance learning (Petra Heck) Deficiency courses foreign students Origin of pilot
Inquiry from ADL project (april 2010)
Market research
Vidyo best product at that moment
More possiblilies
Financing by Innovation budget Achievements for the pilot:
Support for a MPVC system at UvT
12 concurrent users, possibility to expand to 19 lines
Share screens
Virtual meeting rooms
Connection Video conferencing set G246
End December 2011
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