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History of the samurai.


Bobby Rogers

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of History of the samurai.

Hisory of the Samurai. What is a samurai in ancient Japan? Men who were suposed to lead there lives according to the ethnic code of Bushido or the "way of the warrior". Strongly confucias in nature. Bushido stressed concepts such as loyalty to a samurai's self dicipline and respectful ethical behavior. After a defeat some samurais choose to commit ritual suiside ! What were samurais used for and why? Samurais were used for landowners
who hired them to protect there properties. Samurais were also used for protecting there kindom or there empire. They were used for potection and other things because rival clans like Taira would try to control there land. How were samurais important to ancient japan? Samurais were important to anctient Japan because they were experts at fighting from horseback and on the ground. Samurais practiced armed and unarmed fighting styles. Usually samurais would use swords for close fighting with mongols that often attacked their kindom. Many battles with the mongols changed there fighting style. All these tecnics were used to protect there buyers.
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