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90s jukebox

No description

Aroa Lomba

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of 90s jukebox

The new rock of the 90s The rock is the group of musical influences of USA on the xx century. In the 90s the CD replaced the vinyls. It made the albums longer. In this decade was introduced the grunge, the hardcore, the british pop, alternative rock and the pop-rock. There was another group of people called unplugged. They play music without electric instruments The music was very commercial. Grunge It has a simple structure and dirty sounds. It had guitar, base and drums sounds. It is influenced for the punk. Most of the grunge bands were born in Seattle. Nirvana One of the fathers of this style. The singer, Kurt Cobain sang about the lost youth. Smell like teen spirit is the best song of this group and one of the hymns of rock in this decade. Soundgarden One of the creators of the grunge music. One of their best songs was "Black Hole Sun". Hardcore This genre is characterized for the fast music and dark sounds. Voices are shouting saying radicals messages. It's the hard version of punk. Alternative Rock It is a free style of rock. In the beginnings that style isn't commercial, but now it isn't this way. It was created in 1983. It was one of the firsts bands to play this genre. One of his songs was "Hey oh" Red Hot Chili Peppers Green Day Billie Joe Armstrong, Tré Cool and Mike Dirnt are the members of the band. They are on the music lists since 1986. They have a lot of famous songs, one of these is "American Idiot". Brit Pop The Brit Pop is a slowly cover of rock from Great Britain. This genre was influenced by The Beatles or The Who. Oasis Blur Is a British band who was created in 1991. Their most famous song is Wonderwall. They also played indie rock. It was created in 1989. Their most famous song is "Song 2". Evanescence It was created in 1995. This band is famous because Amy Lee, the voice, sings like a unusual way. They have a lot of very famous songs. One of them is "Bring me to life". Hatebreed It's a hardcore band who was created in 1997. One of their song is "Everyone Bleeds Now". Pop-Rock This genre is a mix of rock and pop music. It has a simple structure, catchy melody and repetitive chorus. It's also called soft rock. It's very common the sounds of the piano and electric guitar. Coldplay R.E.M. It is a british group who was created in 1996. One of the most important songs is "Viva la vida". R.E.M. was an american rock band created in Athens, Georgia in 1980 by the singer Michael Stipe, the guitarist Peter Buck,the bass Mike Mills y the drummer Bill Berry.
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