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Final Presentation about HB20, Big 4 competitors and Sponsorships.

Aline Park

on 4 February 2017

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Transcript of Hyundai_2014_WC

players TOP INNOCEAN WORLDWIDE Ipsos Marketing BRAND POSITIONING EUROPE NORTH AMERICA AFRICA CENTRAL & SOUTH AMERICA ASIA & PACIFIC MIDDLE EAST BRAZIL SOUTH KOREA ***** ***** Premium Technically Impeccable Progressive Good Design Good Appearance Good Good Driving Advance Warranty Dealership Performance Good Quality Intuitive Good A/S Service Good Resale Value Responsible Pleased Sustainable Smart 4.7% 91.5% Source: Brand Image Map results from quantitative analysis and Brand index is based on the Brand Attitude Study. (2nd half year of 2011.) HYUNDAI Brand Sport Marketing 201 .0 .0 3 2 6 HMC HB 20 2014 HB 20 BIG 4 HYUNDAI product FIAT VOLKSWAGEN FORD GM 70% B segment Palio ol Onix Fiesta sales in '11 2,391,589 B 20 status BRAZIL small and compact vehicles Local Production: Piracicaba affordable Fuel Eficient Reliable Durable S W O T Competitors tradition sponsors CBF official partner High brand Concept in brazilian market + + - - [ strengths ] [weaknesses ] [ opportunities ] [ threats ] INTERNAL EXTERNAL Limited MODERN STYLISH SPORTY Simple & Clean Youthful Modern Agile Sporty Stylish Elegant Dynamic Confident Safe Trustworthy Ingenious Innovate Luxurious Bold Unique Advanced Harmonious Solid Responsive Refined Fun Supportive Fluid/Sleek IDE IMA GE AL NEW GOL FIESTA PALIO CORSA HB 20 product positioning Selling Point Style Mileage Price keep down." FIAT fashion Brazil " ROBSON !!! " - NEW GOL 2010 " The gol of my life ... " When my son was born ... Dealers number of SP RJ ACTIVITIES [ 12Jun - 13July ] P 4 PRO MO ON TI S 1,5% CYCLE GYMNASTICS 1,8% Mark Simon Cavindish Daiana dos Santos / Diego Hypolito VOLLEYBALL Jaqueline Carvalho / Murilo Endres 2,1% TENNIS Roger Federer 2,2% ATHLETICS Ussain St. Leo. Bolt 2,3% MARTIAL ARTS 5,0% Anderson da Silva SWIMMING Cesar Ciello Filho 6,2% FOOTBALL 44,9% ABSENT 31.6% NEYMAR JR. FO OT BA L L 8,0% KAKÁ 5,0% MESSI
2,7% BR AZI LI AN Base: N=1000, Unit: % ambassador ? 2007 2013 2012 October ADIDAS - " Impossible is nothing." [Raul, Henry, Beckham, Saviola.] Itaian Sky - [Location: RJ] March Gillete Mach 3 - 2008 January [ Tiger Woods, Federer, Henry] 2009 October ADIDAS - Champions League [Zidani] 2010 March PEPSI - 2010 World Cup [Drogba] 2011 November FIFA 12 PlayStation June ADIDAS Venezuela - [Location: RJ] Predator LZ [Mourinho] Disney Cup Internacinal Youth Soccer
Tournament. [David Oliver] November Gillete- [Federer] December Soccer's cover Magazine January Wise UP - English School FIFA [Rodrigo Santoro] Official Fan Shop +Gifts - Mini HB20 MODERN PREMIUM ? SP RJ Pieces and undefined prices. FIFA Official partner "Taxes "FIAT Palio and Ronaldo." ...was my father's white Gol." I gave him a gol. " NEW GOL 2DR - 2012 " Let's go BRAZIL... NEW GOL 4DR - 2012 ... the best gol you've ever saw. " + SWOT analysis " Now it's time to give him another unforgettable GOL. " IDE AL Trustworthy WORLD CUP HYUNDAI HOW HYUNDAI STATUS MAINTAIN ? TO BRAZIL'S TARGET BALL FANS LOVERS FANATICS FOOT MALE SINGLE EMPLOYEE MARRIED Powerful Economical AGE TO 20 40 !!! brazilians * + ? and HB + 20 WORLDWIDE CONCEPT + HB AND KAKÁ 20 S T Y L I S H G E A N T E L M I F A L Y "...our goal is to become the most loved car company and a trusted lifetime partner of our owners." [4Ps] promotion .... .... .... modern premium CASUAL FOLLOWERS [FOOTBALL FAN BASE]

   Domestic League / Champions League / National Football
   - World Cup, Major Events directly observe and cheer;
   - Always watching sports channels;
  - Male 87% / 15 ~ 24 years young. and segmentation. FOOTBALL FANATICS CASUAL FOLLOWERS WORLDCUP AVOIDERS Source : TGI April 2008 ~ March 2009 [GENERAL FOOTBALL FAN BASE]

   - Whether the level of the top teams and star players;
   - Big Matches focused only intermittently watching.    Sporting events such as World Cup held positive attitudes
 The proportion of women / 55 years of age or older, elderly relative.    - The group that don't have any interest in football;
   - Means not having a World Cup, etc.  Female ratio is very high / ages evenly distributed by Eui Sun Chung ... HYUNDAI ? "Football is the world's game... English is the world's language." " Get ready for the game!!" The official English School of FIFA World Cup 2014. "Football will bring the world and opportunities for Brazil until the world cup ..." " I speak English." " I speak football." [ Rodrigo Santoro and Kaká ] ambassador 2014 TRICK ART picture HYUNDAI FAN PARK -magnet picture -polaroid picture 2014 BRASIL WC fans Test Drive Picture of the DAY HB 20 + -Pão de Açúcar -Christ Monument -Paulista Avenue ... = prizes [examples] Luca Celico Leite Dad and Son + Football 20 + HB Obrigado !! Thank You INTERNSHIP PROGRAM Mascot Stadiums zones Touristic KAKÁ BRAZIL'S TEAM ... PARK, Aline [SANG AH] 18 years later December 2012 January 2013 INTERACTIVE TOUCH SCREEN PAINEL HB 20 4 9 2 DAYS International Internship Program
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