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Leadership I (A1)

Athena Co

on 26 August 2013

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Transcript of Esther

ESTHER Athena Co Introduction Relationship with God Spiritual Disciplines Leadership Analysis Identity Story Facts Personal Application Bibliography No parents (deceased)
Raised by Mordecai Mordecai son of Jair
Tribe of Benjamin
Cousin of Esther • King Xerxes wants new queen • Mordecai uncovers conspiracy • Haman plots to destroy Jews • Esther pleads Xerxes • Xerxes helps Jews • Purim Very beautiful
Hadassah Myrtle tree
Book doesn't mention God Strengths Spent time with God Weaknesses Hesitation
Doubt Hearing from God Spiritual Disciplines Demonstrating Spiritual Disciplines Leader Type and Traits Followers Faith Hardships Inspirational Lessons Concluding Word Spent time with God
Not distracted
Listened to advice of others Meditation
Service Humble (Simplicity)
Fasted for 3 days
Fasting came with Meditation, Prayer, and Solitude
Helped Mordecai (Service) Autocratic/Participative Leader Led the Jews
Requested help from Xerxes Stood up for Jews
Trusted God Death by Xerxes
Haman's interference
Her own reluctance Listen to God and others
Stand up for what's right Bravery and courage
Decision-making skills Chabad-Lubavitch Media Center, and Lubavitch World Headquarters. "What Does the Jewish Name Hadassah Mean?" Chabad.org. Chabad-Lubavitch Media Center, 1993-2013. Web. 18 Mar. 2013. <http://www.chabad.org/library/article_cdo/aid/1769366/jewish/What-Does-the-Jewish-Name-Hadassah-Mean.htm>. Imagine Easy Solutions, LLC. "The Free Automatic Bibliography and Citation Maker." EasyBib. Imagine Easy Solutions, LLC, 2001-2012. Web. 18 Mar. 2013. <http://www.easybib.com/>. Horn, Geoffrey M., and Murray Bromberg. "The Old Testament: Esther." ELibrary. ProQuest LLC, 2013. Web. 18 Mar. 2013. <http://elibrary.bigchalk.com/elibweb/elib/do/document?set=search>. YouVersion. LifeChurch.tv, 2013. Web. 18 Mar. 2013. <https://www.youversion.com/bible/111/est.1.niv>. Miller, Kathy Collard. "Esther." Women of the Bible. USA: Starburst Publishers, 1999. 137-59. Print. God's Word for the Biblically-Inept. Trusted God McPortland, Joanne. "For Such a Time as This." Egregious Twaddle. Patheos, 10 Mar. 2012. Web. 18 Mar. 2013. <http://www.patheos.com/blogs/egregioustwaddle/2012/03/for-such-a-time-as-this.html>. Servant Leadership Rogers, Linda. "Wordless Wednesday-Crepe Myrtle Tree." Web log post. Twin-Cess Diaries... Blogger, 19 Oct. 2011. Web. 18 Mar. 2013. <http://twincessone.blogspot.com/2011/10/wordless-wednesday-crepe-myrtle-tree.html>. "Esther." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 4 Mar. 2013. Web. 18 Mar. 2013. <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Esther>. Artist, Bible. "Bible Pictures of Esther." Web log post. The Bible Illustration Blog. Blogger, 31 May 2009. Web. 18 Mar. 2013. <http://bibleillustration.blogspot.com/2009_05_31_archive.html>. clear division
listened to followers helped Mordecai
respectful to Xerxes FEAR Esther 2:5-7 Esther 4:16 Esther 4:11 Esther 4:16 Esther 4:16 Esther 4:16 Esther 7:4-8 Esther 4:11 Esther 5:1
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