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William Shakespeare

The amazing life of the Bard!

Alesa Whitehead

on 1 May 2010

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Transcript of William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare... His life began about 200 miles from England 1564 He went to a religious school, and later married his wife, Anne Hathaway. They had three children, but later... He moved to
London and
pursued a career. Why is his work so famous? There are several reasons, actually... One... flora, fauna, mystery, and magic. (Smith) two...dark humor. (Mullins) Three...everyone can relate. (Mullins) Putting it into perspective... A Midsummer Night's Dream... But... Of course, Harry Potter has some upsides.
Shakespeare does, too. Take Twilight for example... no matter how much you love or hate the series...
Now here's and interesting factoid... So why was William Shakespeare so famous, talented, and a great inspiration for author's of today's world? If you can't figure it out by now... Maybe you need to read one of his books to see... (Smith) (Smith) (Smith)... once again. @:) (A Midsummer Night's Dream) (Twilight Summary) ...not!! How about a quiz to see how much you've learned? Okay! :D 1. In What year was william Shakespeare Born? Tik Tok Tik Tok...was anyone listening? 2. Where did Shakespeare go to to pursue his career? hehe...bubbles! 3. Name one of William Shakespeare's plays. 4. Name one of the reasons
W.S. is so classic. 5. What were William Shakespeare's professions? 6. Did William Shakespeare
have any children? 7. What style of writing
did he invent? 8. What kind of school did
William Shakespeare attend? 9. Almost done... quote a line from
one of The Bard's famous plays. 10. Name a book you've read
that is similar to a William Shakespeare
play. Now that you're all experts on William Shakespeare,
Will you go out and keep a promise to read one of his plays? You will? :D Yay!! THE END! :)
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