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The Impact of Technology on Communication in the Modern World

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Rick Ford

on 21 December 2012

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Transcript of The Impact of Technology on Communication in the Modern World

Technology's Impact on Communication in Today's World History Humans have been communicating with one another by ways of technology for
centuries. Technology has made communicating between one another significantly easier Today we have immediate access to an incredible array of devices and services that enable us to communicate with almost anyone, anywhere, at anytime. The Smartphone Observe your surroundings
one day. Notice how many
people are using iPhones or
any other Smartphone. Smartphones also grant us
access to a plethora of
different services that provide
us with all kinds of different
forms of entertainment. Many
enable us to share all kinds
of things with friends. Cellphones and Smartphones
alike enable us to communicate
with others at anytime and any
place. We can communicate by
text, picture, video, or vocally,
of course. The role of technology and communication in history - The Declaration of Independence - The "SOS" signal from the Titanic - FDR's "fireside chats" - The Vietnam war on TV Many predict that the future of the relationship between technology and communication will advance in a way that will yield to us more personal forms of communication; chat/conference services that enable us to communicate via live streaming video will become more commonplace. Cell phones will be phased out and replaced with Spartphones. Communication will continue to travel the course that it is currently on; technology will continue to advance and communicating between one another will become easier and easier, so much so that it will seem effortless, as if it doesn't already. The future of technology in communication Technology and communication in the modern world Rick, you don't have a Facebook? Rick, you don't know what Instagram is? Rick, you can't facetime/Skype because you don't have a webcam?
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