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Sheriffs Vs. Police

What is the difference between a sheriff and a police officer? The sheriffs in my town think they can do whatever they want... lets find out why...

Luke Wickman

on 21 May 2010

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Transcript of Sheriffs Vs. Police

Sheriffs Vs. Police The Sheriffs in my town pretty much walk all over the citizens. Why would they let them do that? The differences between the two: Vs. The primary difference is that the local PD serve the city where as the Sheriffs serve the unincorporated areas of the county. Police help out small communities that don't have
a form of law enforcement. Sheriffs stay in one jurisdiction and bust you for
small things like speeding by 5mph. Police officers risk their lives every day to help out the less fortunate, stop criminals, and keep the average joe safe. Sheriffs get bored easily (since they can only patroll their
turf) so they annoy the heck out of people by parking in
the left turn lanes and waiting for something to happen. I don't think that the Sheriffs are
doing a very good job... What we need to do: Get public awareness to the people it affects most. Attend city council meetings to spread awareness, and get the people on our
side. What I have already done: thank you for watching... I hope I can make a difference
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